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K.J Somaiya Inst. Of Engg. & I.T.

But, the staff prefers to call it KJS-IIT instead of KJS-IEIT. (We are IITians, hehehe!)

Location: Have you ever visited Afghanistan? Well here’s your chance to feel how that place might be. Door door tak kuch nahi hai. This place is apt for shooting films based on Afghanistan or Rajasthan and makes you see the darker side of Mumbai. It is at a walking distance (short-cut) from Sion station but you have to cross rail tracks, slums and a gutter. Prefer an auto and be ready to shell out around 25 bucks plus the auto-wallah cursing you for bringing him to such a place.

Hangouts: You must be kidding (Remember Afghanistan!!) Not even a proper campus. The building is still under construction.

Crowd: The crowd is a good blend of ‘well-behaved’ students from Central & Western Mumbai.

Canteen: What canteen? You have no other option if you don’t bring dabba food. Even vendors might find it humiliating to put up a stall around the vicinity.

Office Staff: It’s ok if you say ‘as slow as a tortoise’ instead of saying ‘as slow as office staff’. Once when students asked the staff to get the results from the University, the staff didn’t even knew that the results were out. But apart from some, the rest are very co-operative & helpful.

Professors: Have you ever heard of a college without a Principal? Everything in our college has to be different, hai na? It feels as if these so-called profs have come all the way from Sangli or Kolhapur to teach us. Some Quotes from our valuable profs…
“Take my attendance later.”
“Don’t rotate my head morning morning.”

The best part of these profs is that in the break you can see them sitting ON the tables in the Comp. Lab.

Fest: Annual Tech-Fest ‘Inspiration’ started last year. Annual
intra-campus cultural fest the name of which has changed twice in 2 years.

– Budding Engineer

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