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Apurva’s guide to survival …

You get up and smell bed tea. You find your clothes neatly washed and ironed in the closet. Your breakfast is ready on the table. Meals are always served hot. Your parents call you all the time to make sure you are fine. Your family takes utmost care of you when you fall ill. Your parents fulfil all your desires like a genie. Life is easy.

I moved out to Trivandrum to my software job. Out of my parents’ home to a new world.

New friends, new place, new culture, new people, new food, new language….you have to adapt and adjust to every little thing that you once took for granted. You have to make your own bed tea and breakfast, wash your own clothes, prepare lunch for yourself and even repair everything that breaks down. From your work to getting rid of cockroaches and lizards…you are responsible for everything. Life is not so easy.

We all are like pearls and parents are our shells. We are oblivious of the outer world. The shell breaks open so that the world admires the beauty of the pearl. The pearl has a tough time then. Now the world became my oyster.
Here are a few essential tips for survival that a pearl should keep in mind:

1. Life is beautiful. Live every moment. Do whatever you want to. You get to live every moment only once.
2. It is better to do a thing and realize that it was a mistake rather than not doing it at all. Don’t give yourself a chance to regret.
3. Never do a thing if you have second thoughts about it. There is a difference between having second thoughts and getting confused.
4. Your roomies are your best pals. They know you better than anyone else. They are your constant source of energy and entertainment.
5. The person who has been rude to you once might not be rude to you in the future. Everything is situational.
6. Don’t let mood swings affect you. You might miss on beautiful opportunities because of that.
7. Take up a hobby. Everyone needs some time pass. ‘Idle mind is a devil’s workshop’, remember that.
8. Be nice to everyone. Make friends. Socialize. There is no harm in going to some random people and initiating a conversation.
9. Always save for a rainy day.
10. Time heals everything. Give time some time.
11. LET GO. Don’t worry about people who don’t want to keep in touch. They don’t deserve that. Worry about people who want you.
12. Don’t give undeserving people the attention they don’t deserve.
13. You don’t need to be perfect all the time. (You can go to hypermarket in your pajamas. :p) Perfection is boring. Learning is fun.
14. Never compare your problems with others. Every person has his own share of problems.
15. Don’t share your problems with everybody. Some people are only glad to see you suffer. Don’t trust everybody. Once a betrayer always a betrayer.
16. Everything in life is new. So don’t be scared to try your hand at things you have never heard of. In fact, new is fun.
17. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Always ask.
18. Make mistakes. Commit blunders. Learn. Don’t repeat them. Make new mistakes every time.
19. People who b*tch to you about others also b*tch about you to others. Remember that. Stay away. You don’t want people to gossip about your problems, do you?
20. Wherever you are your parents are your best support system. They have solutions to all the problems. And they are always just a call away.

i will survive

i will survive

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