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Job We Met!

The first of JAM’s ‘Placement Series’ – experiences of candidates from campuses across the country

Even before the placement season started at Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management (SIOM), Nashik, I had decided to apply only to firms operating in the service sector and not keep my expectations too high. Each one of us used to eagerly wait for emails from placement companies. One day, we received a mail asking interested students, who have more than 2 years of experience to apply to KPIT Cummins Infosystems, Pune for roles of Project Lead and Operations Manager. Having an experience of just 21 months, I was not eligible to apply. A large number of applicants fell in the bracket of 20 to 23 months’ experience and were not eligible. We requested our placement committee to ask KPIT Cummins to relax their conditions. Finally the threshold was brought down to 20 months. With around 84% of my fellow classmates having prior work-experience, I was convinced that I had bleak chances of getting short-listed.

On December 18, 2009, KPIT Cummins visited our campus. They had short-listed only 7 students for the role of Operations Manager. I was pleasantly surprised to find my name second on the list. I had not prepared for the interview. I rushed to my hostel room and took my file, which had all the academic and extra-curricular certificates. While I grabbed a quick bite, I asked one of my friends to take a printout of my resume. I rushed towards the interview room where the interviews were about to begin. I was the second candidate.
During the interview, I was bombarded with many questions.

Wah! Kya jawaab hai
I gave a very funny answer to one of the questions. The interviewers asked me to choose a subject between History and Geography. After thinking for a while, I chose Geography. I was asked to give a reason for my choice. “It’s because history repeats itself over and over again, and I’ll get to learn history one way or the other from future happenings. But I’ll have to explore geography on my own!” I replied.

My happy moment
After all the interviews were done, the placement coordinator announced my name and asked me to meet the interviewers. This was primarily a negotiation round wherein I was supposed to discuss my salary expectations. I was unable to control my happiness and was ready to accept any reasonable package for the position of Operations Manager and that too in a place like Pune. They offered me 7.5 lakh per annum! Without a sign of reluctance, I accepted their offer. I couldn’t believe that I had got placed and that too, in a company for which I was initially not even eligible! This is what destiny had for me. Today, I think luck attributed more to my placement than hard work.

– Varun Jindal

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