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Job hunt – don’t let it haunt you.

I’ve read many articles on how people are depressed when not finding a job. But mine is an eye opener. We did not have campus placements. So what I did was browsed the PR firms in Pune and Mumbai and applied to them directly and of course also uploaded my CV on the various job portals. I found two jobs within almost no time (sounds great, right?). But both of them didn’t work out.

I was offered with a job even before I completed my Masters Degree’s final examination. Nobody could be happier than me that day. I had always wanted to work ASAP, earn money, and stand on my own feet as they say (as if I’m standing on Tom’s feet right now). Google told me about this firm and I had applied to them directly. But then something struck me. I got this job with no formal interview as such. I had not given this much importance only because I had a job even before I completed my studies. There was just a casual phone conversation with no much questioning as such and I received a mail saying I’ve been offered a job. It was my dream job with the designation Public Relations Trainee.

The next week I was out in Mumbai in the firm’s office and started off my work sideways some joining formalities. I was basically asked to work in Pune from the client’s office. The first day at client’s office, my job was to take the Chairman to a recording in a renowned Radio station. But I was asked to go on my own and practically do nothing but sit there. I did so, thought I’m just a trainee and that is how it works. Trust me it was so boring. In a while the Chairman appeared in the office with her Secretary and Marketing Executive. While the recording was on I was sitting with others and having casual chitchat on worldly issues. Everything went well and I praised myself as if I’ve done a great job. I was then asked to return to office on my own (fine!) BUT then sent off saying the day’s work was over and that my seat will be decided by the CEO and I should come after a couple of days. I could do nothing but agree.

Back at my office in Mumbai, they asked me to work from home. Basically what happened is that I spent hundreds on my phone bill and travelling from Pune to Mumbai and vice versa and then locally in Pune and the result is that I was left with no job after ‘working from home’ for two weeks. No payment. No certificate. Nothing.
My second experience was quite different. I was offered the job in proper procedure in an NGO. They had short listed my profile from a job portal. The designation was Public Relationship Officer. I was again excited as the designation and the salary was much better than the previous one and also because I always wanted to do something for the underprivileged ones.

The Job Description was basically spreading awareness about a deadly disease and presenting seminars and such kind in corporate houses. Sounds great again. But what I was actually supposed to do was to collect funds from wherever I can. And we (me and my trainer) went roaming around in markets, from shop to shop, collecting funds, giving ‘presentations’. WOW! I thought I’ve done Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication to raise funds. I left the job in two days (finally something expected).

And now, here I am with no job but still happy. Some of my friends are trying their luck badly to find a job while others are happy with what they have found. My life has now taken a different turn and I’m getting married by this year. So I’ve taken a break (even before starting anything) and enjoying this feeling, planning to start work directly after marriage. I’ve learnt depression doesn’t take you forward but keeps you away from opportunities.

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