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Jism-2 vs. Raaz-3

Jism-2 which released earlier this month was a box office disaster and very obviously so (stupid dialogues and laughable acting skills are just a couple of reasons). The Bhatts are coming with yet another sequel to their hit horror movie, Raaz in the next month. This is a third sequel to the movie; the second one was seriously forgettable .Raaz-3 is even worth talking because it is touted to be a comeback vehicle for Bipasha Basu .Interestingly, an American porn star of Indian origin, Sunny Leone replaced Bipasha in Jism-2 and Bipasha’s character in Raaz-3 is a that of a once successful but now utterly forgotten actress and her dark revenge on her successor!

One might wonder is this a mere co incidence or it is a shrewd, intentional casting tact! Whatever it is poor Esha Gupta, second female lead of the movie is conveniently ignored not only by the press but also the filmmakers! I fail to understand why Bhatts even attempt to re make sequels to movies like Raaz, Murder and Jism, the original versions were hits not because they had great story or casting but because of bold scenes and its newness had gripped India .And so had Mallika and Bipasha but Sunny failed to create the impression. Worse, she became the butt (pun intended) of all jokes and ridicule.

Only time will tell whether Raaz-3 is really worth a watch or sheer waste of time, money and effort. But whatever the case this movie would sure be a deciding one for Bipasha’s career .As far as aam junta is concerned, hume kya farak padta hai yaa ,as long as the Bhatts stop thriving on their hit brand names and start making something new for a change!

-Preeti Kulkarni

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