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Jam Says: Sucky College Websites

Every year, between the months of March to June, a million jobless twelfth pass-outs spend hours scouring the internet for preferable colleges, researching their academics, going through the admission processes, gingerly glimpsing at the fees and wasting hours on Google Maps to see how close the nearest CCD is.

However, it is disappointing to note that a number of stellar universities like Pune University, SNDT College, Fergusson College, and JSLH, each having an exceptional heritage, scholarly faculties and varied course structures are not represented on the Internet as well as they should be because of dull, un-interactive and un-informative websites. In fact, I found that many of these universities built on reputation don’t even show up on the first page of Google results, despite having better academics than the ones that do. It’s disappointing then, when we pick a university and enroll in it only to learn that there’s a better one we could’ve applied to but didn’t ‘cause we didn’t know it existed.

This must be changed. Colleges with a cultural advantage assume that their reputation and records will bring them students. But in the first stages of choosing a college and filling out admission forms, students need to know all the colleges there are that offer the courses they want, and the academics and faculty of said colleges. And to do that, students depend greatly on the internet. Universities must invest in making their websites attractive, well-mapped out and detailed so that students are able to, at least, learn what they have to ffer. It’s like they say in that advertisement- We’ve come halfway. Now you’ve to come the other half.

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