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JAM recommends; Good reads for new year 2015

The voracious reader in you is in for a delightful treat. The New Year 2015 brings with it some really interesting and highly anticipated books that should make it to your bookshelf soon. HereÔÇÖs a look at what to expect from the publishing world in the coming year.


1. Mightier than the Sword-Jeffrey Archer

Popular Fiction (PanMacmillan India)

jeffery archer mightier than the swordJeffrey ArcherÔÇÖs ever so popular family saga-the Clifton Chronicles series┬álatest addition Mightier than the Sword has drama written all over it. The family saga featuring the Clifton and Barrington families continues with JeffreyÔÇÖs trademark narrative style thatÔÇÖs thrilling to the core. The novel opens with IRA bomb exploding just as the MV Buckingham sets off on its first voyage across the Atlantic. The novel explores the major turns in the lives of popular characters like Harry Clifton who on a visit to his publisher knows that he has been elected the new president of English PEN. Harry also risks his own life campaigning to save his fellow author imprisoned in Siberia for penning a book about working for Stalin.

While HarryÔÇÖs wife Emma-chairman of Barrington Shipping finds herself in a precarious situation with the IRA attack. Her chairmanship is in jeopardy. Similarly Harry and EmmaÔÇÖs son SebastianÔÇÖs life is set to change thanks to one mean Adrian Sloane.

This thrilling gem from Jeffrey Archer is available for pre-order


2. She Will Build Him a City-Raj Kamal Jha

Contemporary Fiction (Bloomsbury Publishing)

rajkamal jha she will build him a cityRaj Kamal JhaÔÇÖs latest novel She Will Build Him a City reveals a story set in the New India. The story revolves around characters that are intriguing and fascinating. As night seeps into Delhi, a mother spins tales from her past for her sleeping daughter. The now grown-up daughter has turned into a puzzle who needs help, the mother hopes that through her love and words things will change. While a young man who boards the last metro leaving Rajiv Chowk Station, dreams of murder. In another part of the city a newborn is left at the steps of an orphanage by his mother. These three lives and their stories, the city and its people, love and horror, feeling of belongingness and forgiveness makes this novel an enthralling ride.

Raj Kamal Jha is the Chief Editor of The Indian Express. His previous novels The Blue Bedspread won the 2000 Commonwealth WriterÔÇÖs Prize for Best First Book(Eurasia), including the New York Times Notable Book of the Year. His list also includes critically acclaimed novels like If You Are Afraid of Heights and Fireproof.

This engaging book is currently available for pre-order


3. DonÔÇÖt Let Him Know-Sandip Roy

Mystery (Bloomsbury Publishing)

sandip_roy-Don't let him KnowTouted as a brilliant piece of debut fiction, the book┬áDonÔÇÖt Let Him Know┬áby┬áSandip Roy┬áis full of mystery and family drama. The novelÔÇÖs narrative explores the intricacies of a home-sick Indian bride Romola Mitra waiting anxiously in a studio apartment in America for her first letter from India. She accidentally opens the wrong letter which changes her life. Years later her son Amit finds that letter and thinks he has stumbled upon his motherÔÇÖs secrets. But there is a whole set of secrets waiting to unravel. AmitÔÇÖs father Avinash has a secret of his own. This fascinating book captivates the loneliness of immigration, homecoming and showcases how sometimes our secrets shape us.

Sandip Roy is a Senior Editor with the popular news portal FirstPost.com and often blogs for the Huffington Post.

This amazing book is currently available for pre-order


4. The Buried Giant-Kazuo Ishiguro

Fantasy (Penguin Random House)

the_buried_giant-2With a much anticipated March release of this new book from Booker Prize (The Remains of the Day) winning British author Kazuo Ishiguro, since Ishiguro is coming out with his latest gem 10 years after Never Let Me Go.

IshiguroÔÇÖs latest novel The Buried Giant deals with intricate themes like love, lost memories, revenge and war as a couple set off on a journey to a troubled land in the hope of finding a son they havenÔÇÖt seen in years.

This highly awaited book is scheduled for a March 2015 release. The e-book is currently available for pre-order.


5. Flood of Fire-Amitav Ghosh

Historical Fiction (Penguin)

amitava ghosh flood of fireThis highly awaited release Flood of Fire marks the last installment of Amitav GhoshÔÇÖs much loved and appreciated Ibis trilogy-Sea of Poppies and River of Smoke.

This final novel accounts the journey of the Indian vessel Hind sailing from Bengal to China in the middle of the Opium War.

The turbulent journey brings together a varied group of travellers. Be it Sepoy Kesri Singh from the East India Company who leads a company of sepoys. Zachary Reid, an impoverished sailor in search of finding his lost love and Shireen Modi, a feisty widow travelling to China to reclaim her late husbandÔÇÖs wealth and reputation.

This highly anticipated book is expected to release around May end in 2015.


1. Arise, Awake-Rashmi Bansal

Business/Management (Westland Books)

Arise, Awake-Rashmi BansalRashmi Bansal a writer extraordinare, brilliant entrepreneur and youth expert is coming out with another gem of a book-Arise, Awake. Rashmi BansalÔÇÖs impressive collection of best-selling entrepreneurship books adds another to the list with Arise, Awake: The Inspiring Stories of Young Entrepreneurs Who Graduated from College into a Business of Their Own. Being oneÔÇÖs own boss is always a great asset. The book is the story of young entrepreneurs who started a business while studying in college or right after graduation, a few who had the bravado and gumption to ditch rewarding placements to build a business from scratch. The book is definitely going to inspire a lot of young minds to explore the world of start-ups, become successful entrepreneurs and major job-generators.

This hugely anticipated book is currently available for pre-order


2. The Mastery Manual-Robin Sharma

Self-Help/Personal Growth (Jaico Publishing)

robin sharmaRobin Sharma a great motivational speaker and leadership expert is out with another brilliant book for personal growth-The Mastery Manual. Robin SharmaÔÇÖs latest offering is about real-world ideas and practices that will get you to world-class success. This book explores 36 life-altering modules, each one will help achieve great personal growth in oneÔÇÖs professional and personal life as well. Robin SharmaÔÇÖs impeccable style including concise and reflective thoughts in The Mastery Manual will definitely give a 360 degree turnaround to your life.

The awesome book is available for pre-order


3. Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo-Nicholas Carlson

Business/Management (Hachette India)

Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo-Nicholas CarlsonThis book by Nicholas Carlson looks into the once major player of the Silicon Valley-Yahoo! Inc. The companyÔÇÖs share of failures and CEO Marissa MeyerÔÇÖs efforts to remake and rebuilt brand Yahoo, right from MarissaÔÇÖs rise and fall from power at Google to her major influence in reshaping YahooÔÇÖs work culture. The tell-all narrative style revealing the ups and downs of Yahoo! by author Nicholas Carlson is a definite page-turner.

Author Nicholas Carlson is popular business and technology news website Business InsiderÔÇÖs chief correspondent. His breakthrough investigative reporting re-wrote the histories of Twitter, Facebook and Groupon. Nicholas also happens to be a known guest on CNBC and is a major contributor to BloombergÔÇÖs biography series Game Changers.

This much-talked about book is currently available for pre-order


4. Made in India-Kunal Vijayakar

Cookery (Jaico Publishing)

Kunal Vijaykar Made in indiaFor all you foodies out their well-known foodie and host of the popular namesake food show The Foodie, funny-man Kunal VijayakarÔÇÖs new cookery book Made in India is a mouth-watering and lip-smacking offering. Made in India will definitely leave the reader salivating thanks to 60 finger-licking recipes from homely kitchens and bylanes. The book is definitely an eclectic array of food some which are blast from the long forgotten past, some deserving delicacies and some highly delectable food from India. The book definitely scores brownie points for its photography, informative nuggets and easy to make recipes.

This gastronomy concoction is available for pre-order


5. 21 Leadership Lessons of Narendra Damodardas Modi-Anurag Batra, Nitin Agrawal and Pankaj Sharma.

Business/Management (Grapevine India)

New 21-leadership-lessons-of-NaMoThe man of the moment IndiaÔÇÖs dynamic, inspiring and amazing leader Prime Minister Narendra ModiÔÇÖs influences this book. 21 Leadership Lessons of Narendra Damodradas Modi explores 21 fascinating leadership traits one can learn from ModiÔÇÖs style of working. The book also includes a comparison between Narendra Modi and 21 world renowned personalities who are part of history, known for being exceptional leaders. The book has been co-authored by three great minds.

Anurag Batra happens to be the well-known chairman of IndiaÔÇÖs popular business magazine Business World. He also serves as editor-in-chief of exchange4media group.

Nitin Agrawal is an award winning social entrepreneur. His foundation ÔÇÿNational Association of School ProfessionalsÔÇÖ works towards bringing a essential change in the way kids are educated in India.

Pankaj SharmaÔÇÖs achievements include being invited to the prestigious International Visitor Leadership Program by the US Government for his public policy work. Past alumni include Dr. Manmohan Singh, Indira Gandhi, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Nicolas Sarkozy.

This inspiring book is currently available for pre-order



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