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JAM guide to Engineering admissions

Engineering admissions are always a headache for students. To make things a bit easier, JAM answers some of the most common queries plaguing every prospective engineering student’s mind.

College Vs Branch
Lots of students find it difficult to decide whether to give top priority to the branch or to the college. If you have the scores to get into higher ranked colleges like VJTI, UDCT etc then the branch should be the second priority as the names of these colleges sell once you are out of college. So a Mechanical branch from VJTI is a better option than say Computer from one of the lesser known colleges. On the other hand, if you have to compromise and join a mediocre college then the branch should be given higher priority as all the lesser reputed colleges carry the same weight in the market.

Changing of branch/ college after the first year
Changing your branch/ college is possible after the first year but it is very, very rare. Changing the branch within the same college is possible but that solely depends on the first year results and diploma results in the state. As far as the changing of the college is concerned, a transfer from a private college to government college is not possible at all. Transferring from one private college to another depends purely on the colleges. But it is mandatory for a student to get an NOC from the parent college i.e. the college where he has already been admitted.

Computer Vs Electronics post the telecom boom
The period between 1995 and 2000 saw a major inclination towards Computers but with the recent boom in the Indian telecom industry, Electronics and Electronics & Telecommunications have been drawing in the best brains. Looking at the modern day scenario, Electronics and its allied branches appear to be safer bets than Computer and its allied branches. Also keep an eye on Mechanical and its allied branches.

Computers V/s I.T.
Looking at the syllabus, almost 80% of the subjects are the same. So if at all it comes down to deciding between Computers and IT, go for the better college – either of the two will get you the same job prospects.

Branches For Girls
It purely depends on whether the girl aspiring to be an engineer is comfortable with fieldwork or not. If not, then Computers, IT, Electronics, Electronics & Telecom are the branches. If she doesn’t mind fieldwork, Electrical or Mechanical shouldn’t be too bad.

I can’t pay up
It’s a pity that paying capacity and not merit is determining who gets to be an engineer in the country these days. Those who can’t pay but still have the brains can opt for courses like BCA and follow it up with MCA. The syllabus is on par with that of B.E. in Mumbai. B.Sc. in I.T. is also a good option for those who are too keen on getting into computers although one would probably have to go for a good MCA to get a decent job.

For those whom paying is not a problem, this is the best opportunity to get into the best possible college in the city.

Looking at the market scenario, the preference list of the top five branches is as follows:
Branch Priority Reason
Electronics and Telecom 1 The recent boom in the telecom industry has made this the most sought after branch
Electronics 2 In times of uncertainty, this is one of the safest branches to opt for as it never ever gets outdated
Computers 3 The software market has shown great improvement in recent months
IT 3 On par with Computers
Mechanical 5 One of the basic branches, it finds a lot of demand in India.

If at all it comes down to deciding between Computers and IT, go for the better college – either of the two will get you the same job prospects.

JAM has rated Engineering colleges in Maharashtra on a scale of 1-10. Factors taken into account are: Results, Infrastructure, Facilities, Location, Cultural Activities and Job Prospects.

Mumbai University:
College Ratings Points to Ponder
VJTI 10 Best in Mumbai; best placements
UDCT 10 Arguably best in India for Chemical Engineering
SPCE 9.5 Probably the only challenger to VJTI for the top spot
VESIT 9 Continues to give the best results
DJ Sanghvi 9 Consistently great results, high market value
FR.AGNEL (Bandra) 8.5 Provides the best preparation for the exams in the form of regular tests
TSEC 8.5 Lot of cultural activities, results improving by the day
KJ Somaiya 8 Excellent campus and cultural activities
AGNEL (Vashi) 8 Almost up to the standard of Fr Agnel Bandra
MHSS 7.5 Offers Auto Engineering
RAIT 7.5 Good infrastructure; Navi Mumbai’s second best
SAKEC 7 Very unusual policies
VARTAK 7 Improving results; Old college
BVIT 6.5 Good infrastructure; Severe ragging
MGM 6.5 Too far from Mumbai
SNDT 6 Affiliated to SNDT university
MCT 6 Good location at Versova
St Francis 6 Great FE results, best among upcoming colleges
V D PATIL 6 Results improving; Good infrastructure
NYSS 5.5 Okayish compared to other New Bombay colleges
Atharva 5.5 Located at Borivli; Better results than most
Vidyalankar 5.5 Expected to grow well as the management has been in the Engineering field for almost 40 years
Don Bosco 5.5 Trying to follow the footsteps of Fr. Agnel when it comes to teaching; results have been okayish
SIES 5 High expectations but yet to deliver first results
ACP 4.5 Improving results; Poor faculty
IGCOE 4.5 Improved infrastructure; Poor faculty
LTCOE 4.5 Bad results and faculty
PCT 4.5 Awkward location
Thakur 4.5 Ok college but demanding a hefty Rs 70,000 fee
Rizvi 4.5 Failed to live up to expectations
TERNA 4 Shows no signs of improvement
JONDHALE 4 Nothing specific
FINOLEX 2 Keep away
* Ratings are on the basis of relative grading.
* Of the new colleges coming up this year such as MES, KC (Thane) etc none appears promising. It’s always a gamble opting for a new college ahead of the ones that have been around for at least a couple of years.
* Ratings by Junaid Khateeb

Few Mumbai types consider Pune University as a serious option. It is in fact rated higher than Mumbai University by many and Pun’s a great place to live in as a student. Girls take note of the 3 excellent all-women engineering colleges.

Pune University:
College Ratings Points to Ponder
COEP (Shivajinagar) 10 High standards; Great faculty; Best campus recruitment.
VIT (Bibewadi) 10 Excellent staff; Great results; Strict discipline.
MIT (Kothrud) 9.5 Huge campus; V. good facilities; Best for Chem & Polymer
PICT (Dankawadi) 9 Best in Computers; 120 seats.
AISSMS COE (Kennedy Rd) 8.5 Good infrastructure & results;
VIKHE PATIL COE (Ahmednagar) 8 Drawback – 3.5 hrs away from city; Sought after college out-side Pune.
SANJIVANI COE (Kopargaon, Ahmednagar) 8 Good results; Too far
PEARVARA COE (Loni, Ahmednagar) 7.5 Good College; Local crowd.
KK WAGH COE (Nasik) 7.5 Best in Nasik.
Dr. D Y Patil COE (Pimpri) 7.5 Going down in results of late; Ragging is common.
SINHGAD COE (Vadgaon) 7 Huge campus; Good facilities.
MODERN COE (Wadia college) 7 Good mgmt. backing; Great location; Average faculty.
MIT’S MAE (Alandi) 7 MIT’s new branch; Strict discipline; Good facilities/ results.
PES MODERN COE (J M Rd) 6 Avg. facilities; Good location.
VPM’s COE (Baramati) 6 Very well done; OK results.
PDEA COE (Hadapsar) 5 New college; decent facilities.
PIMPRI CHINCHWAD COE (Nigdi) 4.5 Avg facilities/ campus.
AMRUTVAHINI COE (Sangemner, Ah) 4 Local crowd; Poor results.
PUNE VIDHYARTHI GRIHAS COE (Parvati) 4 Poor faculty; Sad crowd.
GYANBA MOZE COE (Mum-Bang highway) 4 Poor infrastructure & faculty.
Girls Only
CUMMINS COE (Karve Nagar) 10 Great results; most sought after; good campus.
D Y Patil COE for women (Pimpri) 8.5 Superb infrastructure; branded.
AISSMS COE for women (Kennedy Rd) 8 Good facilities/faculty/results.
* BVP is not included in this list because it has turned autonomous i.e. it no longer issues a Pune University degree. A decent college but demand for it has fallen.

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