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Troubled by hackers? No problem. Varun Vazir meets the baap of all hackers – Raj Shekhar Moorthy, who tells us about a career in hacking!

We’ve seen Boman Irani being called ‘Virus’ in a movie, but there’s someone who has taken this term very seriously. Raj Shekhar Moorthy knows the amount of problems actual viruses can create. In an effort to help people troubled by hackers, he had taken an initiative to take these complaints to the local police only to be met with the response- “Humko kya maloom yeh computer wumputer kya hota hai…itna shauk hai toh khud hi chalu karona yeh kaam”.

The words had just the right effect- they struck Raj and he took the charge of hacking, oh I mean anti-hacking on his shoulders.

This 30-year old is the founder of ISAC – Information Sharing & Analysis Centre. It’s a non-profit body with a goal to improve information flow and technology collaboration between global law enforcement entities and the Indian Government for incident response and cyber crime prevention. Started 2 years back, it now has more than 5000 anti-hackers and is supported by the Government of India. “This organisation helps you in resolving your hacking problems while also providing the best of technical guidance on security and prevention of hacking including forensic investigations”, explains Raj.
Till date, ISAC has protected over a million customer accounts, credit cards, commercial and government websites from being hacked by using its timely incident response facility. The team is currently working on a project for National Security Database.

So if anyone has hacked your Facebook or Gmail account, you can contact ISAC and they will resolve the matter for FREE. ISAC also conducts anti-hacking workshops for colleges and corporates.

So why hack and get caught when you can use your talent and become a recognised ethical hacker?

Hacking Facts:
H3X is the exam that one has to appear to become a hacker and is considered as the goddess of hacking.

No, I am not talking about Govinda’s next movie. According to research, India is the No.1 country in virus infection and creation. (Indians feel proud) and No.2 with the highest number of cyber-crime issues (Ok now don’t).
ISAC is organising MALCON- also known as the International Malware Conference in December. A first for India, this conference will take place in Mumbai and Pune.

Speaking at the Mumbai event will be security experts like Eric Filiol and Atul Alex along with 13 year old Shantanu Gawde, the world’s youngest hacker. Also on the agenda is a ‘Best virus creator competition’. For more details, log on to www.malcon.org.

Kaam chahiye?
If you are an ethical hacker who wants to help the nation, Join ISAC as a volunteer to get credits and recognition along with legal support and NSD I.D. You can even conduct workshops for school and college students on Ethical Hacking and Cyber Crime Prevention as a registered volunteer
with ISAC.

If you want to study hacking, log on to www.orchidseven.com.
If you need assistance for any cyber crime related issue, you can reach ISAC at support@isac.org.in

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