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It’s all your fault

“She wore provocative clothes.”
“She was out late at night.”
“She uses mobile phones.”
“She ate Chinese food.”

Yes, we’ve all heard the ridiculous reasons rapists came up in their defence. And surprisingly enough, it’s not just the rapists who possess this mentality, it’s most of India and what’s even more surprising is, that big number includes women as well. Women who, instead of being furious, actually blame the rape victims.

And with All India Bakchod’s video going viral, what have we learnt?
Simple, isn’t it?
Ladies, it’s all your fault.

Why is it that even after 20 centuries, I need protection?
Why don’t I, like all the guys I know, have the freedom to stay out late at night?
Because, I’m a girl, I’m vulnerable and I need strong men to follow me around so I can stay out late at night and then again I’ll need to dress modestly so the strong men decide to not come after me.
So you see, it is my fault.

But let’s say that I’m stuck alone in the middle of the night when I see a guy advancing towards me, and instead of running away and crying for help, I decide to stand confidently and stab him in the wrong (or right) places at just the moment, would he still be carrying that look of victory?

What if I poked him hard in the eye or kicked him in the crotch instead of crying and proving just how defence-less I am?
I’m aware that things like these are much easier said than done but when we live in a country where being raped is such a common thing and there’s hardly any preventive measures, defending yourself is the best and final recourse, and yet women who are found alone with sexual predators on their tail, don’t think of defending themselves.

Haven’t we learnt that an attacker always goes for the weakest one in the herd, over the strong ones who can fight back?
Ladies, there’s no harm in carrying a pepper spray to save yourself from the lifetime of misery. Neither is there harm in attending a few self-defence classes. Let’s face it, we cannot have bodyguards/dads/friends sticking around all the time, and it’s high time that we learn to be independent.

Because it won’t matter how miserable life turns out for you after a rape, you’ll always hear “it’s your fault.” So you can either guard yourself in desperate times or prepare for a lifetime of self-pity.

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