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It’s a wrap @ J J, Mumbai

The Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art celebrated ‘lungi’ day on the 19th of December. If you’re thinking that this was just some boring day with girls wearing wrap-arounds, you’re wrong. We at JJ didn’t just wear plain lungis, some wore them nariyalpaaniwalla style while some came to college in a butcher’s getup. A few even tried to start a new trend by wearing a belt on their lungi. One guy donned a girl’s wrap-a-round skirt and walked as if he was wearing a kimono. To top it all, a guy who had forgotten to bring his lungi draped himself in newspapers!
The day ended with Nashik Dhol, a quintessential feature of J J during which you get tosee the whackiest and most outrageous dance acts, including one in which you hang on a window grill and monkey around!!!

– JBC Pooja Pednekar

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