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iTantra, TSEC Mumbai Feb 15-16

i tantra

i tantra

  iTantra 2013.
   iTantra opens this season on the 15th of February all the way to 16th. These two days will mark IT department’s 2nd annual celebration.
Last year, iTantra pretty much popped out of nowhere! In as less as 14 days, iTantra manifested as one of the biggest festivals in 2012. Rappelling, sumo-wrestling, glow-cricket, tug of war between the departments, an all teacher coding competition were few of the entries that were welcomed most enthusiastically by the students of TSEC.
Thadomal Shahani Engineering College aka TSEC, is a college in Bandra along R.D national college. We share campus with MMK as well. The IT department is one of the accredited courses listed within the college’s achievements

Last year Rappelling had received an enthusiastic response not only from the students but also the teachers. One of the most exciting things about iTantra 2012, was the cricket that teachers played and enjoyed. Our very own principal, Dr. G.T Thampi, couldn’t help but to indulge in Laser Tag more than a few times. It was proud moment for all of us, to see, that putting our shoulders to the wheel had paid off.

This year, iTantra continues to have a few events from last year, such as Sumo-Wrestling (aka Ultimate Survivor), Glow Cricket, Codies(an all teacher coding war), and a few others. However a  new event-list including workshops sure to attract attention and participation. We list these new additions.

  • Dragon Boating: For the 1st time, a college has dared to host Dragon boating. Set around the scenery of Chowpatty, TSEC will hold training sessions to ensure enjoyment and safety for teams who will participate followed by an all day event in which teams will compete heads on with each other.
  • Street Dance (360 Degree Dance): No engineering college has ever hosted an all themed ‘street dancing’ competition. As the fever of this western dance-form is spreading like wild fire, we encourage crews to come forth and compete in support ‘Street Dance’. So pop lock your way in!
  • The Fashion Show (Oomph!): It’s a fashion show. It’s not just about the clothes but it’s about the people too. The confidence to walk, the confidence to stay calm, the confidence to portray what your college is worth, comes alive on this ramp.
  • Technical Paper Presentation: We are an engineering College after all. The prestigious Technical Paper Presentation is for, about and by the future.
  • Other events include Two to Tango(Duet Dance), Solo Singing, Technical Quiz, A Food-Related Competition and much more

In addition to this we are introducing unique workshops like Hairstyling Workshop, Self-Defense Workshop, Video-Editing Workshop and B-Boying Workshop

They’ve put together all their engineered heads to come up with a festival that is fresh.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/iTantra2013

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