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Iss Pyaar Ko Mein Kya Naam Du?

The rate at which our country is developing and the (gross) rate at which we are ‘modernising’, people have no choice but to accept what they see and just ‘go with the flow’.

Now take for instance an old couple that is walking down the road and they come across a girl and boy, hardly 16, kissing each other on the road. They can’t do anything but walk past, and then think to themselves, “Back when we were kids, we didn’t even know what a kiss was; kissing someone on the middle of the road didn’t even stand a chance.”

Couples fall in love way too quick. Do they know what love means? Is love a deep and intense feeling or is it something that tickles just a bit, and is a great point of conversation with friends. Dating any girl, making out with her are a few of the perks.

Are we growing way too fast, not bothered about what our parents might have to say. Girls at the age of 13 at one point in time discussed their exam results or their new favourite song, but now they discuss who they lost their virginity to and whether it was painful or not.

“Iss pyaar ko mein kya naam du?” – Don’t even dare to sing that, you don’t know what pyaar is. First grow up, understand and study biology and then talk about giving a name to your love.

– Henna Jaisinghani

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