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ISAAC 2014

IEEE-TSEC is organizing its annual inter-collegiate technical festival, IEEE-TSEC Student Activities and Conferences (ISAAC) for the 16th consecutive year comprising of multitude of events like conferences, workshops, contests and exhibitions. It offers a platform for the merger of imagination and application. ISAAC 2014 will be held on October 2, October 5 and October 6.



Here are some of the exhilarating events of ISAAC 2014:

Conferences: Eminent names in the industrial world come to our college to conduct conferences.These conferences revolve around prominent and up-to-date technologies and futuristic ideas and introduce students to the modern and latest developments in technology. This year we have a conference on ÔÇ£Software as a serviceÔÇØ by L & T InfoTech, ÔÇ£ForensicsÔÇØ by Haffkine Institute and ÔÇ£Free and Open Source SoftwareÔÇØ by Mozilla India.

Workshops: Over 20 workshops will be conducted in ISAAC 2014. These workshops have been categorized into Robotics and Non Robotics. Some of the Non-robotics workshops include .NET Framework, Web Designing, Android App Development, Polymerase chain reaction, etc. The Robotics workshops include Accelero-Botics, iCellBotix and Robo-Vision.

Contests: The series of contests held in ISAAC have been divided into two categories – Robotics and Non-robotics. Few of the Robotic contests are Throttle, Knockout, Micro-mouse, Robosoccer. The Non Robotic contests include Occult Coding, Reverse Engineering, Project X, Online Treasure Hunt, etc.

Exhibitions: The highlight of ISAAC is its exhibition. This year, Pagaalpanti and Firefox OS Booth will be exhibiting their products along with the projects made by our technical team CONATUS.

So come and be a part of this new and fun as well as informative fest!

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