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“Is she dating someone?”

All through my school life I had comparatively more guy friends, and used to proudly declare myself to be somewhat free from “The Girly virus”. That strong and helpless addiction to dresses, nailpaint,jewellery and make up. The excitement when anything cute, sparkly, or frilly crosses her path.

The condition is in an advanced stage when you find her wearing something pink all the time and all accessories are personalised with the shape of hearts! Sources also confirm that the last stage is reached when you find a girl’s bedroom decorated with pink wallpaper, pink cushions, pink curtains… and her dog happens to roam around wearing a tiara.

Though 99.99% of girls are susceptible to this virus, it mostly remains in a dormant state after the girl has reached puberty. Causes remain unidentified but one thing that acts as a strong catalyst is being surrounded by the female species at all hours of the day.

So let me make it clear once again, I was free of the “Girly virus” in school. But during my college years,I went to stay in a girls’ hostel, and I realised that there were more deadly diseases in the “Girl world” than the poor Girly virus. And I tell you it’s a dangerous, hostile world in there!

First of all, there were girls hevily infected with the “Drama queen virus”. Then, there were victims of the “I am so sweet” syndrome and the “Why do you think I am a psycho” disorder. But “Being the bitch” flu was no doubt the most infectious amongst all.

Besides,there were other milder infections too but the one I most certainly caught was the “Is she dating someone?” virus…

When you are in a girls’ hostel practically everyone is more interested in your love life than their own! And if you start dating someone, you surely lead the gossip charts in every room for a couple of weeks (without exaggeration!!).

So I too started screening every girl under my secret ‘dating detector’. Until my roommate – a veteran – offered me sage advice.

She explained, that there were simple signs to bring forth the real picture of any girl’s relationship status in the hostel. Under her guidance, I mastered the art of deciphering the ‘who’s dating signs’. Lemme explain with a live example.

X walks into the mess and is busy talking on her mobile.

Me: “I think she is dating someone for sure!! Don’t you??”

Roommate: “Is she showing any of those signs I told you about??”

Me: “Yup… haven’t you noticed ?? She doesn’t look that bad these days…I mean, for once she is dressing up well!!

Roommate: “Oh yeah!! And the other day she was getting a facial…Thank god!! She has a guy in her life to remind her that she is a girl and is NOT supposed to have so much hair everywhere…”

Me: “Plus she is always texting or talking on phone with someone,’with a smile on her face’!!!

Roommate: “Ya, that’s true. She is also coming late to the hostel everyday and even then she is on the PHONE!!!

And that night her facebook status changed from single to “In a relationship”… 🙂

In conclusion I would say this highly infectious virus is transmitted from girl to girl and there is absolutely no known cure. Except when you leave the hostel – and get back to your senses. Like I have 🙂

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