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She is pretty..beautiful..smart..
intelligent..she had got all those qualities which every girl desires of..

Yupp she is the perfect example of BEAUTY WiTH BRAiNS..

But still why is it that people just talk about her beauty and not
about her brains??

Why is it that when she achieves success..credit is given to her
beauty and not to her talent??

Why the people who claim to be her friend..can’t stop back biting about her??

Why every guy falls for her looks ignoring her inner beauty and that
how good she is at heart??

Why that one guy whom she loves crazily treats her like a trophy as if
he has got a jackpot to show off to the world??

I guess there are no answers to these questions..this world is full of

If a girl is not pretty..she will be taunted for her looks..no one is
bothered that how intelligent she is or how beautiful her heart is..

And if a girl is pretty..still she can’t escape the constant taunting of
people..it will be assumed that everything she achieves is just
because of her beauty ignoring her real potential..

Why people forget..pretty or not pretty..still girls are the most
BEAUTiFUL CREATiON of almighty..♥..

Yess!..girls don’t like if guys just go on their looks..they need
someone who would love her for what she is and not for how she

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