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Is the BMM good enough to get you a Job?

Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) is one of those supposedly, ‘cool’ professional courses which have many takers. Students, one would like to think throng to this course mainly because they need an entry into the media world. BMM course typically is an exclusive Mumbai University course.

Those who are not from Mumbai perceive this course as a golden opportunity to make it big in the glamorous media world in the city of Mumbai. Expectations of some who take admission into premier college like St Xavier’s and Jai hind etc are met to some extent .But there is seen a common discontent among students of even premier BMM colleges that the courses in the syllabus do not prepare them for anything. A student recently passed out of BMM from Jai Hind says that,’ the course structure does not prepare us for anything. The internships one gets to do during the course are exploitative to an extent. We are not taken seriously, and even after graduation, we are in no position to get a proper job in the industry”.

Is there then no placement cell for the BMM? Officially no. The colleges do have a placement cell but it is not exclusively for the BMM guys. Typically a student passed out of this course opts for an internship in a big media or publishing house or has to work for a non-descript one. In any case, you have to make a choice between the two. And with the current market scenario, interns do not get placed in the same company .Then what does one do? Most of the BMM pass outs opt for Masters in premier J schools but then the whole purpose their undergrads remains unfulfilled!

There are few daring students who defy all norms and take a risk of starting their own content writing venture or similar other ventures! But many lack the clarity and conviction to do so .But for the ones who get admitted to BMM only to get a degree of some kind, things become easy, they end up working in an organization which has no relation whatsoever with Advertising, Journalism or media in general.

In this background opting for BMM especially after the University scraped the entrance test is not a safe option at all, unless off course you have contacts or are Prasoon Joshi or a Shobhaa De in making!


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