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Is Being anti-Modi pro-Congress and vice-versa?

With the 2014 Elections coming up, there is a lot of debate around the front-running Prime Ministerial candidates.

The two political fronts the UPA and NDA have begun their nasty verbal bouts. Some of the venom spewing on TV and in rallies often looks staged and hence has gotten monotonous even for the drama – seeking public. Most individuals at least those who are politically inclined or want to sound like an “intellectual” amongst their colleagues or peers, have chosen their side of the battle. Or have they?

Either one can be “Pro- Rahul Gandhi” or “Pro-Namo”. Most of us believe if you choose either of the sides, you are automatically rooting for the loss of the other or hate the other. When for instance X speaks of being ‘Anti Modi’ then it is assumed that X wants the Congress to win.

This of course needn’t be the case but, being humans and judgemental it occurs almost 95% of the times. This may be attributed to our ignorance about the other political options. Of course, of late the regional parties’ coalition talks have begun as well, however these coalitions consisting entirely of regional parties called the Third Front, has not really worked well and hence, they have been side lined. They could well turn out to be a surprise package and will definitely play a crucial role in the most awaited contest of the decade.

By the time election nears every one may be sick to the core listening to the Modi and Rahul Gandhi propaganda. So what if you hate both – one a uninspiring, opportunistic dynastic successor, and the other as a over-zealous, quick fix solutions man, but with a horrible past that no one can ignore. The question remains, can we afford to be pro none? Do we need a wider choice?

Decisions have either been made or are being made, what I think would be the greatest victory of the world’s democracy is if all the individuals eligible to vote fulfil their duty without any sort of external fear or pressure. The opinionated lot that we are; we need to stop being arm-chair citizens and move our butts and go out and vote or shut the hell up; until the next biggest extravaganza begins!

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