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IPL’s Preity Queen

 Hats off to the creators of IPL for bringing together the two things we love as a country, Cricket and Celebrities.

Cameras repeatedly zoom in to the owners capturing their joy and grief. It’s exciting to watch their reactions, albeit it would be tad more entertaining to catch them picking their nose or scratching their balls. But unfortunately years of hiding their expressions from the paparazzi has taught them well. So we are left with only smiles, or at best an attempt to look nonchalant when their teams are getting their butt kicked. Yet we continue to look with awe at these owners sitting in their VVIP boxes.

Unlike the distant owners who seem to attend more for free PR, than for the love of the game, Preity Zinta comes across as an exception. But then again unlike the other the owners, it ain’t like she got any choice. Her wins and losses have a significant effect on her life, considering she does not have a business empire or an ever rising Bollywood career. Neeta would probably be more irked about chipping her nails than losing an IPL (or even 5 in a row), Hell she didn’t raise an eyebrow when her brat bashed up the car.

SRK could safely do another Chennai Express and make enough money to build a few a more illegal floors behind Mannat, and well Vijay Mallya has always been quite “spirited”. That leaves our pretty Preity, when the Kings win, the bubbly queen is seen bursting with child-like joy, and her happiness is simply contagious. When the Kings are beaten she breaks your heart.

And god forbid, in the moment of joy if she were to hug some player, all hell breaks loose, and for the next day, all you can see is the hug being played in loop on all news channels. Random spectacled anchors on the news channels would even end up predicting love, marriage, kids, based on the duration of the hug, and how many ants could fit in the distance between their bodies. Alas being a woman in a man’s world has its costs. But then again, to be fair it also has its benefits, her approving smile could send their hearts into flutter. And how can the Kings lose a game it and break a pretty queen’s heart?


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