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‘Into the Mystic Vault’ Aahān 2014, Jan 15-17

Aahān 2014 is the annual festival of SVKM’s Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management. An integration of three streams of Media, Management and Information Technology, it provides an opportunity to aspirants to discover their potential.

This time around, a shroud of secrecy descends upon Aahān as we embark on an unforgettable odyssey ‘Into the Mystic Vault’. Somewhere in a web of cryptic conundrums will lie a hint to help you overcome the challenges and escaping unscathed. The key to this is nothing but your own intellect. After all, there is only a fine line between fiction and reality. Ardent mystery fans – who can’t get enough of Sherlock Holmes, Sidney Sheldon, Robin Cook, Agatha Christie, Nancy Drew, Tintin and of course, James Bond can take their pick.

Mystery has never been so remarkably thrilling.

With events that offer a variety of content and required skill sets, Aahān ensures you get plenty to choose from. Tech enthusiasts can showcase their brilliance. With their programming skills, they create magic. On their PCs they get an opportunity to encrypt complex codes, explore their creativity. The I.T. events ensure that their exceptional talent is duly recognised.

Corporate events at Aahān are specially designed to fully enhance the expertise of all those who desire to make it big in business. These are a package of contests that test your inherent qualities in pressure situations as you are judged on your decision-making calibre to your strategy-making skills and your creativity and your ability of looking at things from different perspectives.

For sport fanatics who worship the Lionel Messis and the Virat Kohlis, Sports and Gaming events have something for everyone. But it isn’t easy, for they test not just your dedication to the game but also your adaptability skills. With so much up for grabs in the sports department, how can they leave the gamers behind? From FIFA enthusiasts to CS experts, all are welcome to this arena.

Aahān is also the place to be, for promising actors, ambitious film makers and media professionals who want to leave an indelible mark via their art. Media events will explore if you have the innate knack of sweeping people off their feet and mesmerising them. As they put it, “we gauge your skills, we aim to find the best in everybody and not just best out of everybody”.

The only thing that is up for display is your confidence, dynamism and the urge to go beyond the ordinary. Aahān is gearing up to put up a spectacular show, don’t miss it – January 15, 16 and 17, 2014.

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