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Interview with the author: Gaurav Dashputra

With a ready smile playing on his lips, a chilled out laid back attitude, debutant author Gaurav Dashputra is like any other 20 something but once you start talking to him, you realise that the factor that sets him apart from the rest is his sensitivity towards his self and people he loves.

Gaurav is a debutant author of the novel, ‘And then it rained’ published by, ‘Shrishti Publications’ a couple of months ago .He is a final year MBBS student at D.Y. Patil Hospital, Nerul. JAM chats with the author about his book and the inspiration which propelled him to write one.

Gaurav, originally from Nagpur had wanted to write all the way along. But writing does not come naturally to him as according to him, he is more comfortable talking and acting out the scenes, writing takes lot more concentration and a bit more of an effort. He is a die-hard fan of Mr Shah Rukh Khan and acting is his first passion, coming to Mumbai thus was a natural choice. It is a bit strange that Gaurav came to Mumbai not to essentially become an actor but to train as a doctor.

He says, “My parents being in this profession it was taken for granted that I too would pursue medicine. Actually I wanted to be a journalist but took up medicine for my parents”.

When asked about what does it take to be a writer, he says that the answer is really very simple, “You should have a good story and a conviction that it is worth telling, that’s it!’. It is really difficult to write a novel when you are studying especially when you are an M.B.B.S student, on this he mischievously retorts, “My mom is really angry when I reveal this but the truth is that I hardly attended classes and largely ignored studies when I was writing.my friends thought that I would never pass but I managed to in the end”.

It is very evident that he loves himself to the core, that’s why when asked him that did he write because he wanted to be famous, he said that he was a centre of attention from his school days as he also was a gold medallist, national level swimmer. He has no qualms in admitting that he loves fame and attention .His definite attraction towards clichés is also very obvious as he uses them loosely throughout the book, when quizzed about that he admits, ‘Yes I am a very clichés person .I love clichés as they make life very simple’. He is perennially in love with the clichés and films; he pretty much watches everything that releases.

The inspiration for this book too came as a brainwave; he was lying down on the bed, after a break up ,thinking .And the title of the book explains that Gaurav has a special bond with rains, ‘I just feel at peace when it’s raining, it changes my mood.” He says.

His next book in pipeline is, ‘Liar Liar Love’s On Fire’. He was in love with this title and so decided to develop a book around the same. He also plans to write a sequel to his first novel but is concerned that it may dilute the story, ‘You can never rewrite an epic’ he quips cheekily!

On the last note he says that, ‘it is never too late to start writing and one should just be confident about one self and you have a hit novel”.

– Preeti Kulkarni

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