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Interview with the Author Chandi Ray

If you want to know how beer can change your life then KISMET 3.0 is a book to read this weekend. ‘Kismet 3.0’ is a novel by debutant author Chandi Ray who is also the main protagonist of the book.

The plot revolves around 4 friends negotiating the pitfalls of the 3W’s of life: Wealth, Wine & Women. It is a very funny yet painfully true story of life. The protagonist Chandi Ray, who describes himself as a person with an odd name (which was decided by her grandmother even before he was born) with not so sweet face and poor at academics, has 3 friends whom he meets while working in Bangalore – Raja, Chai and Uday. These 4 friends are peculiar characters but their destiny is the same. They consider themselves to be the proud members of the cult group – CBL -Capable but Losers!

The story follows Quote-a-Chapter narrative format and takes the plot forward. Some of the quotes are mentioned below –

– you are not ready. Life sneaks up on you exactly at those moments when you are NOT ready.

– you have lots of sex in your head and not a bit of it down where it matters. This is the f@#& tragedy of life

– you may be on the right track but you still might be hit by a train

According to the author 3Ws – Wealth, Wine & Women drives each and every person’s Past /Present /Future – KISMET (destiny). He further explains, “I was sitting beside a young European couple with a year old baby in the flight. The baby was crying out loud and was irritating everyone. This led to a heated argument between the couple. After sometime baby and mom fell asleep and the husband kicked off the conversation with an apology. After few beers the guy started throwing some glimpses of his life. A year back he was due for an Ivy League college and his wife was a professional dancer. Then this happened (showing his finger to the beer) which made this happen (now showing his finger to the baby). He said – this small beer bottle changed my life, though for good but it has changed. That gave me lots of sleepless nights and made me realise that a small beer bottle can also sometime change an entire life and post that KISMET 3.0 happened.”

When did you first consider yourself a writer? “I first considered writing only a year back when I was flying back to India from Toronto. The interest originated after three rounds of beer,” says the author.

According to him, his book is funny, poignant, gripping, and finally uplifting. It is a cover to cover read any reader who grabs the book will finish it in 3 hours. “Most of my readers have read the book while travelling, during weekend or during boring lectures!

He concludes by saying, “Please channel the aspiration into action. As per my experience 90% of these aspirants will have a brilliant story to tell but somehow they don’t get time to sit in front of their laptop to write.”

Chandi Ray is presently working as a Green Energy Consultant for Wipro EcoEnergy. He is influenced by theatre in fact he is even writing a play and a thriller novel.

– Babita Balan

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