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Interview with Author Aarzoo Sharma

If you are looking forward reading a novel about life that is witty, humorous and meaningful at the same time then ‘On a date with life’ by debutant author Aarzoo Sharma is a grab this weekend.

‘On a date with life’ is the story about life. It is about ordinary dreams of ordinary people. The book is divided into two sections and each part deals with different aspects of life of the main protagonist Akash who portrays every youth in India. It is the book about realistic dreams, bitter realities and honest emotions. There is no campus life romance or hostel room sex yet it is book for youth and for every age group. Of course, there are five different love stories in the novel yet it is not about romance only, it is about life.

What prompted you to start writing this book? “I started the project amidst great turmoil in my life. Certain emotions and experiences that I could not have handled otherwise took the shape of my debut novel,” says Aarzoo.
Aarzoo Sharma, 29 heads an institution of language and communication skills. Apart from writing he loves music; he is a hardcore fan of John Mayer, Bryan Adams and Jagjit Singh. He is also an ardent poetry lover and writes poems both in English and Punjabi. He cherishes cooking as well. Walter Isaacson and Paulo Coelho both are his favourite writers.

When did you first consider yourself a writer? “I believe writing is the greatest avenue to express oneself. There are certain things in life that one cannot talk about but expressing them is essential and writing serves the purpose. I am yet to consider myself as a writer, I just write as a medium to express myself. There is no chance that I could be a full time writer. I took writing as a hobby but the people around me appreciated and the result is ‘On a date with life’. I still have not started taking my writing seriously,” he expresses candidly.

According to him, it feels great that writers now are getting due respect and acceptance from film industry but I believe a writer must not let the producer to alter the actual soul of the book. It would be a dream come true if ‘On a date with life’ could ever be adapted as a movie. I am not sure who could play the role of Akash; probably there has to be two different actors playing Akash for both the sections of the book.

He shares his wisdom with those who wish to pursue writing, “Be yourself. Add a purpose to your writing and never write a single word that you do not believe in.”

He is done writing his second novel which is a love story and it is under consideration with a prestigious publisher. Another project is halfway through on the writing front.

– Babita Balan

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