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Indian Science – Myths or Theories.

Science stands for TRUTH i.e. being practical and THEORY i.e. being untested.

All present day concepts ┬áincluding Copernicus’ Theory of Sun at┬ácenter┬á[1514 A.D.] , Aristotle’s Theory of Spherical┬áearth rather flat in his book “On The Heavens” [340 BC] were theories and took hundreds of years for mankind to prove. Recent popular ┬áexamples are Stephen Hawking’s [Theoretical Physics] of beginning of Time, parallel dimensions and black hole┬ábehaviour.┬áTo prove these right or wrong, may be mankind will┬átake another 100 years.

A paper was presented in Indian Science Congress at Mumbai in January, about ancient India’s aviation. So, Instead on┬áquarelling┬áover the topic a proper discussion could be held to conclude a better picture and clear the myth that is being created in the minds of common men and students about their past. Most people disagree and want to trash the topic as a fantasy.

For a while, let’s not discuss about the truth behind ancient aviation. If something had been written, two points can be concluded : either we had a good knowledge about aeronautics or maybe it was just an idea or a theory [not actual implementation] similar to theoretical physicist like Archimedes, Galileo , Neil’s Bohr or Stephen Hawking.

Scientific societies should take it as an option to analyse it as a theory for some time at-least. If output is positive, we may get another dimension of what ancient scientists knew about aviation. If they knew nothing, we could shut this topic in a scientific and logical way. In fact some major discoveries in science were a series of mistakes.

Here is another dimension, lets imagine next civilization of human kind after us. What if some future archaeologists find our books┬áe.g. on silicon pieces storing lakhs of books in it. Present science will not deny about the possibility that the next┬ácivilization┬ámay┬á develop┬ásecondary storage media [when they find ours], and, if the future scientists will try to prove our logic, it may be considered as a “joke”.

Aren’t we doing the same mistake?┬á Are we not rejecting the past because it cannot be proved, but we are in a hurry to prove it wrong without a proof.

Some scientists fear┬áthat it could affect the scientific temper of children. But instead of fearing that children “may learn un-proved logicÔÇØ, children should be inspired to find the truth and feasibility behind the “un-proved logic” in their future . ┬áAfter all un-proved logic of the past is not bad logic. These scientists obsession about present day science is definitely not scientific. Pure Science is always ready to accept new[old] dimensions.

Once Mark Zuckerberg said that the biggest risk in this world is not taking a risk . Lets risk and let’s explore the past.

Negligence of yoga. Hardly 10 years ago Indian doctors laughed and mocked about its feasibility and strength to keep a man fit and healthy. Now world will celebrate June 21 as the International Yoga Day after acceptance from more than 170 countries. This proves that the world is now ready to explore and hear the past of India.

Pure Science is not about “who has written”, it’s about “what is written” .If a clerk can give “Theory of Relativity” and change the world forever, then any-one /any-civilization can.

And yes, there are a myths like astrology which continue to perpetuate. Ancient India studied the universe and the solar system. But what it gave birth to is the pseudo science called astrology.  We must be careful that scientific endeavour of the past does not result in a belief that fate can be predicted.


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