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India-Pakistan feud even in ads?

With the India-Pakistan World Cup match scheduled  on 16th June, 2019, the tension is rising on and off the field, where both sides are making advertisements to bring down the other. Pakistan made an advertisement where they mimicked wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman, who was captured by Pakistan after the India led air strike. To retaliate, India has come back with a revamped concept of the 2015 “Mauka Mauka” advertisement. They’ve made changes to that ad wherein now a Bangladeshi fan wishes a Pakistani fan luck for the upcoming match against India on International father’s day. While the Pakistani fan remembers his father’s words of how one should keep on trying to achieve success, the Indian fan sitting there cheekily reminds him that those weren’t his words; implicitly claiming that India is the “father” of both Bangladesh and Pakistan. Although this ad is trending on number 2 on Youtube, it has also garnered a lot of flak by both sides.

This Star Sports campaign is expected to earn Rs. 100 crores from selling advertising spots on this match and has in fact stopped playing ads for other matches in between. The unnecessary and a bit inappropriate hype seems to be working in drumming up sentiments on both sides.

India has previously won 6 matches against Pakistan in World Cup. This has built up stress on Pakistan team to break free from the loser’s tag, and also on India to retain its winning streak. A major chance is that history would repeat itself and Suresh Raina is confident enough that along with a good start in the ongoing championship, the Indian team will be maintaining its record simultaneously against their traditional rivals. On the other hand, former Pakistani captain Waqar Younis stated that if Pakistan wants to stay in the tournament, they have to bring an A-plus performance and win the match against India. With India at the 3rd place in the scoreboard and Pakistan at the 8th, the tension is at its peak as fans will witness the 7th clash between these two countries. It will nevertheless be an epic game for fans, provided rains do not disrupt the match, again.

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