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India needs a new mascot for sports

Suresh Kalmadi is totally unfazed – he is contesting for the post of the chief of Asian Athletics Association, i.e he will be representing India! The Kalmadi corruption case was a symbol of bungling and every thing that is wrong with India.

Probably he has thought that people have forgotten and moved on. The reality is that Kalmadi still enjoys several positions, which he has still not vacated.

Can corrupt politicians be stopped? Seems difficult because “My corruption is less than yours” is the mantra of the die hard politician, and some of us agree with that.

According to NDTV, sports bodies these days have lots of funds, and scope for making money, foreign trips, makes it very lucrative -for the wrong person at the helm. A few sports men and women including Milkha Singh have come out in protest against Kalmadi’s candidature for the post.

They don’t listen do they? Till people come out in the streets to protest.

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