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Importance of the ADR; and Aruna Roy

India is a unique country. Every year GDP increased. And one thing which increased with the GDP is corruption.
Well, It’s says a rotten apple can rot the whole bucket. And here 30% are rotten who are trying and succeeding in rotting the bucket. Nope! I am not talking about your dining table. I’m talking about our system: the parliament, and state assemblies.
It was a shame when I heard that in our parliament, and state legislatures, over 30 per cent MPs and MLAs have criminal charges. It was the NGO Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) who revealed their 2004-12 analysis report that about one-third of the Lok Sabha members and same number of MLAs across various states are facing criminal charges. Not even that. Against these ‘respected’ criminal members, 18 per cent members have declared criminal cases against them and 8 per cent having serious criminal cases.
What are the conditions that allow them to be selected as candidates by the political parties . I don’t know that on what basis, they were doing the selections: on the basis of their sensibility towards controlling overpopulation by killing innocents or on the basis of their respect towards women!

Do the parties feel, only until we have a strong criminal candidate will he be able to fight another criminal in the election – Loha hi Lohey ko kat sakta hai! Actually they decided that it is better we don’t fight each other, let us loot the country together. There is after all so much money to be made!

Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) has given a frightening report. Amongst the winning candidates,
• 23 percent of those who had serious criminal cases against them, won; and
• 12 percent having no such records won. I mean… it is just half!
So basically, our country is slowly moving into the hands of criminals.

By taking a serious note of ADR’s report, supreme court confirmed in its words that an MP or MLA will get disqualified, if convicted of any criminal records was sentenced with 2 years of punishments. And the one who is in jail or police custody cannot take part in legislative elections.

The reaction of the politicians, including ministers is shameful. They are fighting this supreme Court judgement tooth and nail. They say that if one is sentenced, he can go to a high court and then to the supreme court. Which means for the next 10-15 years you cannot be declared a criminal until all the courts including the supreme court has found you guilty.

And how many criminal politicians have been sentenced by the Supreme Court to date?

The ADR has been working since 1999, with one objective; every candidate has to declare his criminal record before he stands for election, and he must declare his wealth. This has to be given in sworn affidavit to the court. If he lies in the affidavit, he can be put in jail.

People’s Right to information: Is it applicable to Political Parties?Another important bill that is coming up in the Parliament for discussion ( Thursday Sept 5, 2013) is The Right to Information Amendment Bill,

The Amendment is aimed at keeping political parties out of the RTI. In June this year, the Chief Information Commissioner had passed an order saying political parties should come under the RTI act as they were public authorities.

The government and all their supporting parties as well as the opposition parties say that political parties are not government or Constitutional bodies and do not take government funds hence they are not subject to answering any one under the RTI.

Though the majority of the parliament is united in only one thing – to amendment to the RTI Act – they don’t want political parties or politicians to be answerable.

What are they scared of? That they will be questioned;
• “Where are you getting your money from?” And worse;
• “ Where are is the money being spent?”

The movement National Campaign for People’s Right To Information (NCPRI) started by Aruna Roy, is asking people to sign the petition against political parties from passing the amendment.

The only parties that are supporting the need for political parties to be answerable under the RTI are;
• Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP
• Biju Janata Dal

Aruna Roy fought for and managed to bring the RTI in 2005

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