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I’m enough

I remember telling myself that I must always look after myself, no matter what.
I remember waking up and knowing that I don’t need to rely on someone else to make me smile.
I remember protecting my heart, from whatever came it’s way.
I remember not feeling at all.
I remember losing myself.
I remember feeling lost and terribly alone.
I remember nothing.
Now,I can’t remember who I am.
But then I met him. Just another usual walk with my friend, and there he was. Little did I know that this person who just moved to the apartments where I live, this person who looked like he could use a friend, this person who I barely knew, this person who I just stared at for a good couple of minutes would be just what I needed: inspiration.
You don’t need to fall in love. You don’t need a best friend.
All you need is inspiration, all you need is to know that yes, there is love in this world, there is happiness, all you need is that one hour of walk a day with your friends who know absolutely nothing about you, yet manage to make you laugh.
All you need is to know that you’re human — fragile,reckless, unstoppable, and human.
Just when I thought that I had lost it all–I couldn’t write anymore, and there’s no such thing as a writer’s block.
I thought that I was through with this; myself.
But then I found just what I  needed.
Now I don’t believe in destiny, or God, or some divine power trying to set things right and records straight.
But if there’s something that I tell myself to feel better about my -sometimes miserable- life, it’s this-
The universe has it’s way, whatever you really need, desperately and utterly, it’ll find it’s way to you; be it a person, a song, your family, a friend, love, hope, whatever is it that you need WILL find it’s way to you, one way or another.
And if you’re really, really lucky, that thing or that person just might be able to change your world forever.
Now apparently, all I really needed was inspiration, and ┬ádidn’t think that I needed it till I actually found it.
I was hell bent on believing that I was just fine,until I realized that I wasn’t.
That’s all there is, isn’t it?
Just when you’re on the verge of breaking down, and falling through those cracks and scars you thought were healed and gone, just when you know that this is it for you, this is who you are now, this is who you must accept and love, something or someone finds you with just what you need.
And for me, it’s the guy who lives next door who I now call my friend.
I have known him for a week, and I can’t believe that another life, another soul, could affect mine to this extent that I willed myself to type.
Oh, can you imagine what a horribly sad this world would be without love?
Look around you, the world’s pretty much the same, all it lacks is love.
And evidently, it’s all you and I need.
I dare you to love.
And somehow, I know that I won’t be afraid to use my pen again, I know that I’ll get by. And so will you. SO take it all in, cherish it all, look around you and fall in love, dance to your own beats, eat as much you can, tell your friends that you love them, tell a random stranger that they’re beautiful, tell yourself that you’re enough — and you will be. You are enough.
“People will change, love will die, but maybe not today.”

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