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If not M.Tech@IIT, then what?

An M.tech at IIT could have filled your dreams but it is not the end if it doesn’t work out. There are options that can be explored and one can definitely succeed with them equally.


Exploring other options : Masters in USA
For computer science , people prefer to go in USA.Requirements : GRE Score ( greater than 320) and TOEFL Score (greater than 100). For getting admit to top Universities in USAPreparation materials :
[ Book and then book contains the access code to online test series]Barrens book : Word list 3000 wordsETS Book* : It is must , because they conduct the GRE Exam.TOEFL : GRE preparation helps in TOEFL , except the speaking part. get the free resources on web for TOEFL preparation. Otherwise , use the Kaplan’s material.

Above all , read books and try to finish the 300 page novel within 2 days.

Reading novels to program your brain to read faster.


Information about the certification examinations

There are some examinations by CISCO / Sun Java (now Oracle)
VMWare, RHCE for linux.
You can search for some more examinations by other companies. The above mentioned exams are the popular exams. Microsoft also conducts some exams.

If you want to enhance your profile and in case you could not get into Mtech. ,
please do the certifications right now. They will help you getting jobs. And if you get into Mtech , your Java Certification may help you to crack Object Oriented Programming Questions in interview.

CISCO Certification may help in Practical aspects of Router , Switch Configuration , Practical implementation of the protocols, IP addressing , Sub-netting and Practical aspects of routing based on IP address , Gateways , Network address translation , Access control lists for security purpose.

Also read the IIT  specials in Jammag!








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