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We are living in a world where technology is a crucial need of humanity .It is evident from the fact that we are dependent on technology for almost everything we do and it has made our lives simpler and comfortable. We are so used to technology that we try to employ it in our daily lives. Science and Technology is the basis of our modern lifestyle. Keeping this thought in mind   Atharva College of Engineering (ACE), Malad is coming up with its annual Technical Fest IEEE – TECHITHON’17 this month with a motto of enhancing the future with new innovations and ideas.

The theme of the Festival is FUTUROPIA which comes from the word future. FUTUROPIA   means everything related to futuristic lifestyle and anything which one can think of where technology and daily life equipments are involved. One of the aim of this theme is to make use of technology to simplify our day-to-day life .The fest will be culmination of the efforts put together by young tech wizards of the college and a city wide platform to showcase their talents. The different projects which will be displayed by the college students include smart mirror, smart bag back, laser security, Wi-Fi band tracker, smart pillow, and many other. The main highlight of the fest will the centre model which shows actual application of the above mentioned projects.

Apart from displaying the projects prepared by the students of college itself, the fest will also feature inter – colligate competitions which include Robo-wars ,web designing and many other fun events like Laser tag, Neon sports, LAN events and many others. The fest also hosts a wide range of workshops and seminars.

The main aim of IEEE – TECHITHON’17 is to provide a platform for students from all over Mumbai to showcase their technical Superiority so the college has also arranged a Inter-College Technical Meet where students can come and show their inventions and the best invention gets cash prize.

There is so much more to IEEE – TECHITHON’17.Be a part of this amazing technical fest and make

IEEE – TECHITHON’17 a huge success.

Venue – Atharva College of Engineering (ACE), Malad

Dates-25th –29th September


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