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I wanna hold your hand

IIT Kanpur student Sri Tatsat crafts a touching tale.

There are corners in our society that are kind of forbidden for the so called cultured people. Even though every strata of society hates to even pronounce any word however related to them, there is no doubt that majority of crowd gathering at their place is the one with so called social reputation . The what-a-bitch-attitude which we all have for those in flesh trade is in no ways logical yet is inherent in each of us.

I would never say that those who are a part of this business are wrong in doing what they do because no one personally likes to be humiliated. But then, there are not many options with them. And it is normally the so called respected members of society who engage themselves in creating an amusement drive for themselves, not to mention the absence of concern for the lives of their subjects (and their loved ones ).

It so happened that one of my dearest friends, who was a brilliant student and a promising sportsman, happened to visit Delhi. One could understand the fascination that a village boy has when he gets down in the capital. Cars, shopping malls, short clothes not very common in his surroundings. It s pretty usual for a guy to fascinate about girl s company but then you would certainly never find a guy who just wanted to talk to a girl.

That sounds as dumb to me as to you, yet that was him! He would often rehearse as to how he would talk to her in places where there was no one watching him except his own eyes( There has to be a mirror for the purpose). Laughed, smiled and made funny gestures just to see if it looked natural. Got tips on having impressive conversation from me as I did well in interviews. So that was a simple village boy and there was metro Always on a run!

Cineplexes powered his baser instincts and he became more and more desperate. He perhaps saved for over one month to watch a movie in the PVR where he found the man on counter staring at him. Reason being, he had 150 bucks in notes of 5 s and 10 s. To worsen the situation there were couples hanging around and he found himself to be the guy in yellow trousers .

You actually can’t ask a girl straightway for friendship in India. You have to have something flashy with you to do so. Mobiles, watches, outfits normally solve the purpose. Anyways, our friend was the stupidest ever for the purpose with carbon frame power glasses doing the job.

So it occurred to him that he could perhaps never talk to one girl till he gets married. At such a juncture someone very close to him suggested that he could taste a girl’s company in some different way. A sudden rush of adrenaline found him standing outside the GB Road and he perhaps knew that once he got there, it was no turning back. So he walked inside one of those places with perhaps 200 rupees in his pocket.

It was a narrow passage and he could now listen to the thump of his heartbeat. When he looked up, he could see bunch of girls lined for some sort of parade. He could see an elderly man pointing at one of them and that they walked inside a cabin. All what he could learn from his observations around was that you need to choose the girl first and then you need to pay before you get into the cabins.

So he looked out for one and found a very innocent looking girl who was not all trying to lure anyone. She just sat huskily with perhaps tears in her eyes. He was not sure about it though he wondered what was the matter with her. As he was staring at her a big fat woman approached her telling him, “Pasand aa gayi kya? Baat kar lo usse”. He then made a move and sat by the side of that girl.

Don’t know why but he could not utter a word for the next 5 minutes. When the girl noticed him staring at her, she with a hint of fumble said, “Kya baat hai? Chalta kya?” He was stunned much because he thought she was different.

He replied, ” Haa! Kya karma hoga?” to his astonishment the girl smiled and said, “Kuchh nai bas paise dene honge”. They soon headed for one of those cabins with hands locked.

With doors locked, the girl started to undress herself when she found him looking towards the floor. She paused and asked,, “What is the matter? Aren’t you going to take your clothes off?”

He said, “Can’t we talk for sometime?”

She replied, haltingly, “Sure, but we don’t have much time. Aunty would be banging the doors soon. Are you sure why are you here?”

He said,”Yeah ! Can you sit down here with me holding my hands?”

And what followed was perhaps the most unusual conversation you could ever have. I mean it was between two people who were deprived of perhaps the same thing in life. Love!

Normally in every binary conversation there are people who are complements of each other but this was different. The girl was initially reluctant in telling him about herself but later she found out how stupid he was and even patted his cheeks once.

She told him a story that was no different than any girl working there. Poor family, parents sending her to this place with an agent and all what you could imagine. All through this conversation he just did three things. Held her hands, looked straight into her eyes and listened.

He forgot all his rehearsals and the tips that I gave him. He perhaps did not speak anything more than the first two lines still he felt he lived a whole yellow life in those 60 minutes.

So, each of the three people involved in this story gained something or the other.
The girl: she felt like a woman after long time. Who would mind being cared and given respect. She perhaps was used to abuses that come for free with her profession.

The boy: he got what he wanted. The feel of woman in real terms. Sometimes there is more to experience in some particular 60 minutes than a whole life without those 60 minutes. He perhaps now knew what holding hands meant .

The third person in this story : That is you (who is reading this story!) learns that love is not a function of time, desperation or profession. Everyone needs it and at least once in his life experiences it!

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