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I Resign too…

Eminent personalities are making a beeline outside newspaper offices to declare their resignations because of reasons apart from holding Office of Profit. Unable to handle the surging crowd, some newspapers directed them to JAM. Here are some choice resignation…

Lata Mangeshkar:
The Government just proposed to put a road lamp on the proposed Pedder Road flyover just outside my window. This will disturb my sleep routine. And hence I am resigning as a Mumbai-ite and going off to Bangalore where flyovers are never built!

Katrina Kaif:
I am resigning as Salman’s girlfriend. He had promised me not have a Tere Naam style hairdo ever again. And now look what he did in Saawan!

Mallika Sherawat:
Everyone is is giving press coverage to anyone who is resigning. That’s why I am resigning.

George Bush:
I am resigning as the President of United States of America because I hold an Office of Imbeciles. I thank all my foes and enemies for giving me support during the war and gracefully accepting all the bombs and missiles I sent out to them.

Manmohan Singh:
First Soniaji and now President Bush! Whose ass will I lick now? Even I am resigning.

Vijay Mallya:
I am resigning from all my active businesses as all of them have become Offices of Profit. I have too much money anyway and I am not going to make any more of that shit… He He… Just kidding you wimps… there are two things I never tire of – money and parties!

– R. Krishna

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