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I had a Crush on the Librarian

Every school has a teacher on whom the entire school ka crush hota hai. In my school days I had a big time crush on my librarian!

I mean I never liked going inside the school library. I mean… It was like going inside the palace where all my enemies were planning to destroy my brain. You could say that I was actually ‘library-phobic’.

Once I was taken forcefully to that room by my class-teacher. If I didn’t agree to attend library class then she would complain to my mom. Grhhh…

I was angry, I placed a bomb underneath my class teacher’s desk in my dream.

I was agonizing sitting in that silence where the pin-dropped. And it was fun watching my class mates getting inside the world of encyclopedia jisse acha hai aajkal ka social networking media. By the way, I took out a magazine from rack and checking out Bipasha Basu’s latest bikini shoots, as a lion could also find his prey inside the cage. Though I was enjoying, I was also desperate to get out from that terrifying room.

Suddenly, one of my class mates who went out to the loo(lucky fellow!) runs back inside gasping.
“What happened? Why you running like a jerk?” I asked him as I was also desperate for any gossip he might bring.

“Man! You should look at her”, he said with a tharky smile while pointing towards a girl who was entering the library from the other side.

I keep following her with my eyes. And when she finally enters our main library room, I get a shock which was obviously a good feeling.

Man! I had never seen such a beautiful teacher before. She was like Katrina Kaif wearing saree in ‘Singh Is King’, holding books. And soney pe suhaga… the wind blowing inside the room…that ‘heavenlicious’ feeling. I imagined she came and introduced herself to me and at that moment, a violin was playing inside my head.

I was staring at her. I sang a romantic song with her in my mind also…’Pehla nasha…pehla khumarr….’. But we know that there always a villain or an interval to pause the romantic scene of SRK’s movie. So here, the villain was the bell.

That whole day, I keep on singing all the latest romantic song while memorizing her cute mannerisms. The way she absolutely concentrated on her work. And the way she never looked up, except to drink from her bottle. The way she loked at her watch.The ways she got up to go. And the (imagined) smile when she passed me by.

For the first time, I was getting ready in the morning for school by my will. My mom was also surprised to see the change in me..According to her, ‘If 100 lazy fellows died then I was born’.

Every day I used to wait for only one thing: Library class. Her one sight was even enough for me to write the screenplay of my dreamland. And by increasing my loony mood, I volunteered as a librarian assistant. And finally…wuff…She talked to me. It was just the intro but was even enough for me to write the happy climax.

Sometimes even I thought that she likes me very much and I should talk to mom that: Maa, maine tere liye ek teacher bahu dhundhi hai.
Aur in this movie, the villain came out to be her dad. One day, she came to me in the school and gave me a card wrapped inside an envelope. I thought that now I’ll make a history by wooing a teacher. When I opened that envelope, what I saw was her wedding card. Yeah! She was getting married. I mean…how she could!? Uski umar hi kya thi? Mujhe kuch saal badi hi to hogi? What was the hurry? Well, I walked off the library by submitting the library card showing that I’ll never enter this freaky room who only wants to traumatize me.

Hell to the library! I was moving to my class room with my ‘torn heart’ and wedding card. Suddenly…

I saw another beautiful girl walking on the corridor, wearing saree just like Sushmita Sen in ‘main hoon na. And again the song started playing on my mind again: Pehle nasha pehla khumar…. Then again CRUSHHH….

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