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I Do, I Don’t – the four year itch.

Right when my final year placement was going on, I happened to figure out what I really want to be in life. Looked like the past 20 year I was studying all different subjects for the fun of it. So, when half the population in engineering campus was all working hard to get placed in a company – there I was.. still not decided what is that I want to do in life. Fortunately or unfortunately, I got placed.

A brilliant package (at least by the normal standard), good brand name and being absolutely clueless about the real target of life – I also happened to accept the offer.

The day of awakening arrives 15 days after I sign the contract. Soooo, came the eureka moment.

How do you walk down the aisle and close the money bank that starts flowing your way? As every greedy little Indian , I kept postponing my plans for months. The funniest part of my story is that 90 percent of the engineering student can relate to it. Such awakening moments arrive very late.

Those four years go down the drain and we start awakening to the new realization. After the 4 crucial year going to waste , lakhs of money falling to pits, breaking test tubes in chemistry labs , studying the mechanics of machines , trying to figure the coding languages and overall undergoing the tremendous trouble to clear the semester papers – the grass now appears greener on the other side. The new directed dream becomes the sole purpose of life. If you decided to work by any chance -freshman years in the company goes behind resolving customer issues and fulfilling their requirements –the rest of life IF left goes in trying harder each day to reach somewhere that we called the satisfaction in life.

So yes, all this really happened. I am still working for the same company- not only because it earns me big bucks but also because now I need to feed myself on my own money. Being a part of IT industry at least made me realize what I don’t want for my future. Last two years , I have been chasing to build up my dream to get in an Ad agency and some day became the creative director. I failed the first time… second time battle is still on –I will keep fighting till I get where I want. It is just the beginning, and it’s never too late !

Story of every other engineering student…..and so I was not left untouched!

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