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teachers day
teachers day

I’m not difficult, I am just not a morning person.

Throughout my childhood I have always had a love-hate relation with┬á all my teachers, they never loved me, I always hated them. Now I am┬á pretty sure I am a difficult person to love, all my sixteen ex-gfÔÇÖs┬á will attest to this fact that, but it was really hurtful when all my
teacherÔÇÖs treated me like I was the Vivek Oberoi of our class.

Now other than the usual childish fights, where I stabbed a boyÔÇÖs hand┬á with a rounder, whipped three fellow mates with my belt, and got into┬á a fight with a kid almost six years elder to meÔǪ I was a decent kid.┬á Sure I didnÔÇÖt study much, since I never had intended to be Jimmy
Neutron-Boy genius.


Throughout school I hauled a bag that carried half my body weight in┬á books, but most of them were empty since I never did anything that┬á ended with the suffix of ÔÇÿworkÔÇÖ, like homework, class work, etc. I was┬á the kid who hid behind taller kids when the teachers began their usual
questionnaire, which was meant to demoralize the children and make us  feel stupid that we still pee in our pants. I was once dragged in  front of the class and mocked at for not being able to control my  bladder. Even my teacher laughed along with the class pointing at me,
I was just in ninth grade! Some of us learn at a slower pace!


So for reasons unknown, my teachers have always disliked my presence.┬á After countless beatings with stationary ranging from steel scales,┬á dusters, chalks, a plastic cane, a broken hand from a wooden chair, a┬á steel leg of from a table, itÔÇÖs safe to say that I wasnÔÇÖt overly
thrilled at the prospect of spending my life in a school.

This hate carried forward with me throughout my college, I never paid┬á attention to any lecture, never wrote down any notes, and the only┬á active participation I had in class was where I yawned loud enough for┬á the whole class to hear, but not loud enough for the professorÔÇÖs to
guess where it came from. I was the bad boy of my class,┬áand I guess I wasn’t a morning person.

Ever since then I have always been, what most people refer to as,┬á anti-social element. I still have a problem with authorities who try┬á to boss me around. I donÔÇÖt care if you are the Traffic Police chief, I┬á will drive opposite on a one direction street, because IÔÇÖm from Pune,
and we donÔÇÖt give a shit about your rules.

But after so many years of grudging hatred that stewed inside me like┬á rabri in a washing machine, fate decided to turn the tables on me. The┬á whole ÔÇ£Karma is a bitchÔÇØ factor came into play.┬á Before I knew it, I was the mentor of all the new kids on my office┬á project, I had to teach them everything from the basics, to why they┬á shouldnÔÇÖt flirt with the HRÔÇÖs and Admins. It was somewhat enticing┬á trying to train another human being the lessons I had already
mastered. And all of a sudden I became what I had always detested,┬á what I had always feared, I had become a ÔǪ(gasp)ÔǪteacher.



Some kids grasped it naturally, like they were born to work on this  project and some kids just sat in the back stapling papers that were  already glued together. I was deeply proud of some people, while the  rest I just wanted to push down to the bottom of the elevator shaft
and have the lift crash on them hard!

But it slowly dawned on me, these people were trying to learn, they┬á werenÔÇÖt very good at it but they were trying their best. They were┬á trying to impress me but mostly they were trying their best to not┬á lose this job since the job market is really low at the current time.

It was then I learned that teaching is not for the weak-willed. I  slowly began feeling sorry for all my teachers, professors, and anyone  who had dared to tutor me. I had given each of them a real hard time,  and none of them had me crushed under their scooter, car, or any other
driveable machine. So on this TeacherÔÇÖs day I want to thank all the┬á people that have taught me something or the other in my life. I will┬á agree that Teachers can be awesome too.

Now excuse me, I have to teach these kids how to subtly flirt with the┬á HRÔÇÖs and Admins, but itÔÇÖs going to be challenging since the only skill┬á they have right now is stapling papers that are already glued┬á togetherÔǪsigh.

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