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Hum Do 9211

As shocking as it may seem, noted terrorists Osama Bin Laden and George Bush are absconding! Yup, you heard it right… they have disappeared from the face of the earth. Even as CIA, KGB, MI5, and other negligence agencies crack their heads to solve this mystery, JAM lists down possible locations where the two might have gone and what they are upto…

1. Brokeback Mountain
We advised Ang Lee against it! And now look what happened. Ever since the movie has released, gays from around the world are making a beeline to pay homage at the camp where the two cowboys did “it”. Now we know why Indian ministers were flustered when George talked about closeness between the two countries.

2. Baba Ramdev’s Ashram
In a hurriedly written letter, here’s what our super sleuth at Divya Yog Ashram, Swami Muttananda, had to say: “Two individuals – one bearded and one with a funny accent – have arrived at the ashram. The bearded dude taught advanced breathing exercise for underground survival. And the guy with the funny accent… well, he was just speaking nonsense.” Sounds familiar, anyone?

3. Shahnaz Hussain’s Clinic
George, Osama… we know you need a makeover… but have you really looked at Shahnaz? Run!

4. Patna
Late at night Patna jail inmates heard some voices, “And there… see how those nice people are enjoying TV?” They were shocked when they saw US President George Bush taking lessons from Osama in ‘Model Treatment of Jail Inmates’.

5. Tora Bora Mountain Ranges, Afghanistan
George and Bin Laden are competing in the annual ‘World Peek-a-Boo Championships’. Unfortunately George chose a wrong location. He was last seen in Level 3, Tunnel No 164, Lane 411, Sub Lane No. 6. Now, only Bin Laden can say for sure where the US President is.

Toons: Sumesh G. Pillai, Text: R. Krishna

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