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How to land 30 job offers in 36 hrs! A Successful Job hunter reveals.

Who am I? I am Akhil, a 21 year old guy who landed 30+ job offers in 36 hours just by a zero cost marketing initiative. Here am gonna give away my secrets in 3 easy steps.

Learn Skills
Every skill I’ve put down in my job hunt website was learned on my own without spending a rupee. You can do that too. Over internet there are some great “doer” guys like Tim Feriss, Ramit Sethi etc giving away free content over various skills. Find their blog interesting? Subscribe to their newsletters.

Download free eBooks from public domain if you adore reading. Video buff? Take courses from sites like Udemy.

Try to sell out your skills for free. To practice copyediting, I looked out for people who needed editing their documents and edited them in exchange of testimonials.

When you find something compelling, steal the idea behind it. My inspiration for the video, eBook and page elements in my website comes from various people over the web who pulled it off first.

Create Compelling content on your personal website
Here is my website link. Check out what I mean

I put up a video, an eBook and website. My cost – zero! The video was created using Powtoon (free tool),the eBook on MS word and converting into pdf, and the website by using the free website builder Wix.

Learn copywriting (a must) to create compelling content & a bit formatting even if you think you have no designer bones.

Include social sharing links in your content so that they’re easily sharable. Try pulling off content in preferably 4 formats – text, images, video. Sounds like a hefty task? It isn’t.

You can also try recycling content. Write up a big eBook.
Then post the chapters as blog posts.
Insert the headings into slides and convert it into presentation.

Promote like a Guerilla
Once you’ve created content there’s no time to be modest. Ask for help from everyone. Most of the times you’ll be surprised knowing how many are willing to help!

No you can also build a LinkedIn open networker profile before anything. Send birthday wishes to all of your connections; offer to help them, be willing to accept help.

Join relevant Facebook groups and obey their guidelines. They’re filled with a lot of fine people.
A thought to ponder: I got kicked out a Facebook group for not obeying their guidelines while promoting myself. Blame me. It wasn’t because I said anything provocative but their guidelines didn’t permit it.

Follow all the cool (cool for you, not for the majority) guys and gals in twitter and pay attention. When you reach out to them keep your message short and compelling. This is how I got the attention of Suhel Seth.

Be prepared for a few negative comments if your message is compelling. But it’s much better than sitting in the fence and being mediocre.

Last but not the least, thank everyone involved. Leave a comment for each of them. The great thing about this campaign has been the fact that I was able to connect with lots of great people. It’s all about people.

All the best!

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