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How College Changed Me…..

Yeh sachmuch possible hai. Mihir Chitre gets senti thinking about it!

Browsing through old photo albums, I came across a cute picture of a naive little boy dressed in his school uniform, who happened to be me. I stopped browsing for a while & stared at the photograph. I looked so different. The photo, instantly, managed to get a mysterious grin on my face. The change was so noticeable, so obvious. Soon did I realize that the change was not just physical. It was bigger, deeper.

From the 1st day of junior college to today, when I have just got done with second year engineering, my personality has grown in various aspects. The diffident boy who was unsure about his ideas & attitude has got transformed into a confident youngster who knows what he wants in life.

I strongly feel that college life plays a vital role in the development of ones personality. College is the first stage where your performance is measured by your own skills & talents. It’s the first interface which provides one a chance to directly deal with the world & most importantly it teaches one to learn. It teaches one to analyze things on his own. College life helps you to be independent in thoughts & confident in life. It also is the intermediate stage between ones donkey days to a grown up citizen of his country.

College life makes you ‘independent’. It doesn’t promise to make you conventionally ‘good’. It enables you to face & counter the hurdles in life but it doesn’t take them away. It allows you to make new contacts & friends but it doesn’t promise that they will always be dependable. These are the things that one must always keep in mind. It’s you who has to take the critical decisions in your life. It’s your life & you are solely responsible for the good or bad of it. No college or institution can guarantee the success of your life, though it can definitely help you to walk on the path that you have chosen. College has given me a different vision to see the world. I am quite sure that there are many things that lie beyond that charming building of my college.

I know there are many things which my college life could never introduce me to. I know there lie many boxes full of greater wonders & equally bigger hurdles beyond my college life that are closed. But I also know that I am wise enough to choose the correct key at the correct time and this wisdom & confidence is a gift that I have got from my multicoloured college life.

Mihir Chitre

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