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Hollywood Horror Remakes

The Exorcism of Tulsi Virani (Kyunki Tulsi Mai Bhi Hamesha Bhoot Thi)
This successful movie adaptation of the hit serial will be the costliest Bollywood movie ever made. This three hour epic will have 13 festival songs with most expensive sarees and 5 other songs apart from the emotional sermons. By the way, the ghost of Payal will enter in Tulsi’s body for the last 15 mins and will quickly exit after Ba fulfills her wish by giving her the top secret special Virani’s Dhokla recipe.

The Ring 3 (The Return of the Khan)
After his two phone attacks on Vivek and Aishwarya, the spirit of Salman is back. And this time his victim is SRK. Apparently he is upset about the new Lux ad SRK has with Katrina, shot near the Bandstand. Hence he is going to unleash his fury by spreading SRK’s alleged MMS clip with Karan Johar.

The Grudge (Sock-o)
Little has been known about the fact that when Chappell gave Ganguly batting tips in Australia he also gave him his lucky pink Pokemon socks. But after using their powers to score a 144, Ganguly lost them – a fact hidden from Greg. But truth cannot lie buried for long and thus it was uncovered in Zimbabwe which led to a war between the two. Ganguly thinks he can win but he doesn’t know the power of Greg’s grudge- It never forgets, It never forgives.

Dark Putar
It’s set 20 years from now and stars Aamir Khan. He moves into the new building owned by villain hairy Anil Kapoor. But little does he know that in the building also resides, his son, Jaan. Anil stirs up a conspiracy pitting the father and son against each other. The climax is in classic Bollywood style where baap-beta, in fight tear each other’s shirt to discover the family mark – a single, shiny, blonde hair on their chest.They kill off the villain and the family reunites to live happily ever after.

The Big B(ang)
Just as his original counterpart Big B is an unstoppable super being. But unlike Jason, B will torture us by subjecting us to his innumerable ads and movies.The damn ads just wont stop coming. Last heard he was having a difficult morning after which he negotiated a new endorsement deal between Kayam Churna or Vaidya Patankar Kadha. Spooky!

Also in the pipeline:-
Here Bobby Darling uses black magic to exterminate all the men from the face of earth. Pitted against her, him…er… never mind, is the saviour of mankind – George Bush.

The Haunted Gurukul
In this Qazi attacks the rest of the contestants and the story is how the rest try to stop him. To make him look scary, no makeup was used on Qazi during the making of the film.

– Nimish Varadkar

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