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HOLIDAY: A trailer has never been more misleading

Never judge a book by its cover. Generations after generations have preached this philosophy and generations after generations have tried their best to practice it. Few though, have disregarded it as blatantly as I have. In my opinion, if a book is truly good, it (or its publishers) should put some effort into making it looking that way. The same goes for movies. I categorically judge movies by their trailers. And there has never been a trailer more irksome than the one for the upcoming movie “Holiday: A Soldier is Never Off Duty”.

Starring Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha, the promising pair, in totally original and uncharacteristic roles(!), this movie has Akshay Kumar playing a macho middle-class man who somehow knows every martial art possible, while Sonakshi Sinha is the feisty, strong-willed and innately focused object of his dreams who will eventually (obviously) fall for Akshay Kumar because his method of patao-ing her involves constantly disturbing her aforementioned focus while riding a segway.

Moreover, and correct me if I’m wrong, this is supposed to be a movie about how a soldier is never off duty even when he’s on vacation (or so I gathered from the title). Of course this “duty” that he must diligently fulfill and sacrifice his vacation for, will invariably and in a convoluted fashion, involve Sonakshi Sinha, desh ki suraksha and kicking ass. Never mind the fact that “a soldier is never off duty” in actuality probably involves continuously ringing cellphones and hours spent in front of a computer or with a heap of paperwork.

The point is, we can never know, understand nor begin to appreciate the work military officers do for the nation. It bothers me to find trailers like this that even the loosest definition of “fictionalized” would find unrealistic, which make our officers out to be heroes not for the things they do- work for hours in offices, sail for months on end, live in remote, disconnected areas for years- but for the things Akshay Kumar is good at doing- fighting people.

I think our military men deserve better than that. Maybe the movie is not as bad as the trailer makes it out to be. I remain cynical about that, but if any of you wish to take the plunge, go and watch the movie and do tell me how it turns out to be. This is one instance where I’d be glad to be proved wrong.

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