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His and her gifts

Anniversaries are a time of celebrating your relationship. What’s like celebrating if you don’t do- gifts! And being the gift Grinch that I am, I believe we should do traditional things with a twist.

Presenting his and her gifts!
No I do not mean the half heart keychain or cup. Most guys do not like very cheesy things and face it, does anyone like keychains? To strike a balance between romantic and practical, this is your key.┬áIt’s things that you can both have less the typicalness.

1. Headphones
If you both love music, you can buy same family brand headphones, one for you and one for him. Between headphones and earphones, headphones are a clear winner as also a good accessory. Maybe colour coded headphones?
I recommend: JBL headphones with mic built in

2. His and her sneakers
One word for you. Converse high tops. You can both buy sneakers from the same collection, pattern or colour. Sneakers are both comfortable  and stylish and make a useful gift.his and hers shoes


3. His and her jackets
Denim jackets are in this season, for girls and boys both.┬áEven if the weather isn’t particularly cool, these make a hot addition to a casual outfit giving a stylish edge.┬áStyle each others with blue denim zipper jackets, stay together in style.

4. His and her watches
Who doesn’t love a good watch? Men have a few accessory options and watches are the most elegant┬áyet playful gift.┬áI for one love those sporty casio and elegant aldo watches, gift each other these to stay on their mind all the time.

5. His and her perfumes
These actually exist readymade. Perfumes make better gifts than deos and they fall in the range of affordable to extravagant. Many perfumes come out with a manly and girly version, pick your favourite and spread the fragrance of your love.

6. His and her bag
It’s a perfect gift- it has utility, it can be personalised and it fits the budget if you’re smart. Gift each other bags that have matching bands, themes or brand name, and carry your love everywhere you go.


7. His and her polo tees
Girls like polo tees just as much as guys, believe me. Collars, a little Scottish print and maybe full sleeves? Go for brands like U.S. Polo association, Indian Terrain or Levis.

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