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Hindustan Institute Of Technology, Ghatkopar

COLLEGE: Our college is situated inside the Gurukul College. Yes, that’s true! Hindustan Institute Of Technology, which is run by the Brotherhood Trust comes under the Rajasthan University and is recognised by the UGC (Under some act… Ram jaane kaunsa number). This college has attracted a lot of students like me who have scored less in their S.Y.J.C., or those who missed on the Engineering-CET.

CAMPUS: Apna campus consists of just two classrooms, an office and a somewhat clean toilet. As soon as you enter the class, you will see pictures of fruits, vegetables, animals and also alphabets and numbers… a typical nursery classroom! I guess the senior K.G. class is given to the degree students and the junior K.G. classrooms to the students in Diploma.

OFFICE: It’s a small room and has two people who form the Administrative Department of our college branch. Psst…Two teachers inhabit this room as well. But they shift to classrooms on pretending to conduct lectures when students’ parents arrive for admissions.

CROWD: I am not sure whether I’m right in saying crowd, ’cause the the total number of students is not more than 70 (excluding those who have taken correspondence). The students are quite Dhinchaak and almost all of them having mobiles and the richie-richs flaunting the latest ones – the day they are launched. I have befriended all of them aur ab mujhe college main khaane-peene ke bill ka tension nahi rehta hai!

CANTEEN: Apna khud ka canteen toh hai hi nahi, isliye Gurukul ka canteen is apna canteen. The best thing there is Idli-Sambar, Wada-Sambar and Dosas.. which you will easily get within 10 bucks.

FACULTY: One very prominent professor among the faculty is a proud Tamilian. “Remember Egglavya? He cut off his finger in respect of his teacher! I am a very rigg(rich) man. I have lotsa money with me. My brother is in USA.. but I dunno where is the money.. ‘coz money is not the thing for which I teach. I teach for peaz of mind.” He closes his eyes for a short time whenever he says that. Students take this opportunity to sneak out of the class. The toilet is the only place where they can take shelter at that moment, but that’s still a better option!

EXTRA CIRRICULARS: Last year, the management of this college decided to organise a sports tournament. Even though money was collected for Cricket, Chess and Carrom we managed to play only cricket. Those who had given the money for Chess and Carrom… bhool jao!

THE FEST: Woh kya hota hai bhai?

– HIT-ite

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