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Highway to Hell: Don’t Drink and drive initiative

Sept 8, 2012: Rally at Carter Road Mumbai.
A group of 7 students from the Third Year BMM, of the RD National College, Bandra take an initiative to stop accidents due drunken driving through their campaign,’High’way To Hell.
Following a spate of accidents due to drunk driving, this group begin their special campaign ‘HIGH’way To Hell to bring focus on the perils of drunk driving. Team’HIGH’way To hell is determined to spread their message of “Don’t Drink and drive”.

Launched on Facebook and Twitter, the campaign saw a lot of positive feedback in the form of over 500 likes and comments by experts like like Mr. Vijay Simah ,sobrerity Campaigner recently seen on Satyamev Jayate. Their android app (http://highwaytohellapp.conduitapps.com/) is keeping mumbaikars updated with their activities and campaign. ‘HIGH’way To Hell’s viral videos are begining to create an emotional impact on the people.

Their campaign song “Bewdaas” by the band ‘Wajood’ has hit the local radio stations to reach out to the public at large.

Buoyed by the overwhelming response to their online petition, the group is also personally visiting youth joints like bars and pubs with valet stamps, coasters and stickers and extolling the people to sign a petition vowing not to drive under the influence of alcohol.

The 7 students who have initiated this campaign call out to the Mumbaikars for their support, “It’s the start of a very noble initiative and we need the people of Mumbai to join hands with us to build awareness about the devastating effects of drunk driving”, says Tanya Khanna, one of the students who’s working towards making this campaign a successful l. The campaign, which was started at the college level, intends to grow bigger. Sanjana another student behind ‘Highway to Hell’, adds; “The campaign doesn’t start and stop at the college level. We are here to make a difference. Everyday we read new articles about drunk driving, it’s about time we take a stand, put in our best effort to make a difference and bring a change by making people realise their responsibilities.

The group which includes Disha Jain, Sanjana Mohanty, Tanya Khanna, Jayanti Abichandani,Pallavi Agarwal, Aarti Khandelwal and Saloni Maru also add that, “Students involved in high-risk drinking should realise that rash driving after alcohol can lead to serious injury and death not only to others but themselves also. This callous attitude towards the life and property must stop. They are also determined to speak to the Mumbai Police and give them their suggestion of having bars install breath analyzers’ and that valets refuse to hand over the keys to anyone drunk. They are visiting colleges to talk about the ill effects of drunk driving and also addressing crowds at various gatherings such as the Rotary meets across the city.

So what’s the next step of ‘HIGH’way to hell? They have shot a music video and will release it before they take off for their petition rally on 8th September at Carter Road, Bandra. They are hoping that a large number of Mumbaikars will join them in their rally and support the team in their fight against drunk driving.

“We are putting in our best efforts to create awareness and bring even a spark of change”, says Disha Jain one of the members of Team ‘HIGH’way to Hell. These young girls are indeed making an effort to bring a substantial change to our city and prevent more cases of drunk driving.

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