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ice bucket challenge akshay kumar
ice bucket challenge akshay kumar

# Help I need some Ice

┬áRemember a song: Thandey thandey pani se nahana chahiye… Gaana aae ya na aae… Gaana chaiye.

Well nowadays, people are singing the same song but with a twist;

“Thandey-thandey pani se nahana chaiyee….Reason pata ho na ho, ‘LIKE’ yeh video karna chaiye.

Yeah! It seems that social media has become a best way of promoting something but mostly people who are supporting such things are unaware of the fact that why it’s flooding over the social media!? George Bush is doing it, he asked “Bill Clinton – Yaar tu bhi kar le”

George W Bush took the Challenge.

George W Bush took the Challenge.

First the #selfie, then the #feminism and now #ice bucket challenge. This ice bucket challenge is to see how long one can go without finding out what it is.

On asking a friend about this particular hashtag that why he liked it on the facebook, he replied; “Arrey its a dare or a challenge…. I did it once in my childhood… It was fun. Tum bhi try karo!”. But who will make him aware of the fact that it’s a way of supporting and donating to ALS association… Phekne ki baat hai… Phek do… Hai to ye ek hashtag.

Last few days, I am noticing facebook newsfeeds that how people around my circle are trying this challenge and ending up with either falling sick by cold or by hurting themselves. One friend updated her status; “Yeppie! Did the ice bucket challenge. It was fun though I hurt my head with a big ice cube – feeling happy”

Another update from a friend; “hate this ice bucket challenge. Suffering from throat infection”. On commenting and asking that what actually he did which infected his throat, he replied that he thought it’s a ice eating challenge and tried to eat full bucket of ice cubes though he ended up with just 6-10 cubes.

I always say that we (the youth) are most outrageous species on earth, especially in India where we just need a hashtag to hijack the social network and the ‘Trahimam Trahimam’ is on until and unless some other hashtag takes.

And it should be! I mean.. We’ll get bored if people┬ádont introduce such hash tags. It doesn’t matter why it’s on it and why celebs are also trying this. End of the day; it’s a nice topic to discuss on facebook.. You never know, you could get bundle of LIKES.

I won’t be very surprised if┬á tomorrow the municipal corporation comes forward and files a case against this particular hashtag by claiming that ice bucket challenge is a wastage of water. I believe that’s the only reason why Akshay Kumar said in his Ice bucket challenge video that he is using ocean’s water but not supply water.

And if by tomorrow, a hashtag┬á #meri bhais ko danda kyun mara challenge,┬á hijacks the social circus then┬á we will start liking it on Facebook. Even we’ll start seeking bhais in our city with a video camera and a bamboo stick.

ice bucket challenge

And before people will start hitting each other with ice cubes full of bucket. Let me remind (the people who actually don’t know but are supporting it) that Ice bucket challenge or the video anyone is uploading or trying is just a way of supporting the charity towards ALS Association which is working towards research for a disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis which is a neuron disease. And it’s about putting ice full of bucket over someone. Someone who has accepted to support and donated to the research for ALS.

So by next if you try to do this challenge, make sure you donate to this particular NGO. And if you’re nominating your friends for this, then make sure he/she donate to ALS association. And I believe that the day when we┬á are fully aware of this donation then we’ll quit using this hashtag.

In simple way you can say that putting ice full of bucket is just to jolt your brain to make the donation.

ice bucket challenge titianic

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