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‘Swades’ Or ‘Pardes’ – What Is Indian Youth’s Preference?

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No, it’s not some bollywood movie where the hero goes abroad and then returns back to India hearing his conscience and works for his motherland. Rather it is the crude truth of India today – 256% rise in the number of Indian students going abroad in last nine years and very few interested in coming back! Halabol examines this brain drain trend with inputs from ‘ordinary’ youth who has reached extra-ordinary heights of success in Pardes.

Challenge or craze or is it the cool quotient – what actually pulls Indian youth to opt for studying and settling abroad.

From 53,266 to 189,629 – that too in just nine years (2000–2009)! This is the figure of Indian students going abroad for higher studies.
The data so presented has been collected by the researchers in the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Similar facts have been revealed by one more study done by the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM). Their report estimates that more than 5 lakh Indian students are studying abroad and this brain drain is costing India a loss of revenue worth US $17 billion each year. However, a study done by UNESCO Institute of Statistics and the Institute of International Education enumerates this number to be nearing 200,000 for the year 2010-11.

So, what exactly are the main reasons for such a sharp shift in favour of global education?
Not that India lacks good B schools or professional educational avenues! But then, the truth is there for all to see. Indians are going abroad and even opting to settle there like never before!

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