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Hair Colour Does Matter!

An exceptional case of racism in a secular, sovereign, republican, democratic country!!

Just because my hair color is unique and I have “chinki” like eyes, gives a right to people to beat to death. Isn’t that just wonderful?
Nido Tania, a student from Arunachal Pradesh, comes to Delhi to pursue  his studies and in turn gets beaten to death because of his hair color. Ridiculous is an understatement for this entire unfortunate event. For a country that claims to be pure in it’s morale and talks highly of brotherhood and equality, THIS proves to be an irony. What’s more? NCR police hasn’t filed a FIR against the culprit.
Asking me WHY?
Isn’t it obvious?
They don’t care.
 Human life value in India is negligible. We can talk at great lengths about the fiscal deficits, Nobody talks about the HUMAN LIFE Deficit. That’s where we lack the MOST. The price of this particular gentleman’s life was his hair color.
Your skin color?
Your clothes? (Oh, I think this area has been covered by some 50,000 odd rape cases, Thank you Government!)
There is so much anger among the youth today to see such level of discrimination, not only in the capital city, but all over the country. After 60 years of Independence, why is that we can’t accept these beautiful states as our own? In my opinion and experience, North-eastern People are the most hospitable. Why is that after 60 years we’re still struggling with basic concepts of Equality and Justice?
Only time will tell whether an action is taken, A change comes about or Will this incident be just another dusted case-file?

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