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Hackers and Crackers

In computer network security there are two types of people: Hackers and Crackers.
Hackers are actually individuals who work with the authorized agencies like the Police and Government to catch the criminals and secure the internet.
Crackers are the bad guys who engage in cyber crime.
Ethical hacking is a new name for consultants who are hired by companies and given permission to break into the company network to expose the loop-holes and devise counter measures. They are also known as ‘white-hat’ hackers whereas the crackers are known as ‘Black-hat’ hackers. If ethical hacking has got up pulse racing with excitement, there are few things you need consider before approaching a career in the area. The most important thing is that you must have passion for breaking into the networks. You must know few programming languages such as C, C++, Python, Perl, Ruby and Linux. There are various private institutes which teach ethical hacking. This course is mostly pursued along with a degree course which is more beneficial. Students pursuing courses like B.E., B.Tech, BCA, MCA, Bsc(Science) can pursue ethical hacking diploma courses. This would surely get them a comparatively better package. Most of you must have heard of Ankit Fadia, who claims to be India’s or perhaps World’s best hacker but it’s not so. He claims that he has authored 14 books; one of which is ‘The Unofficial Guide To Ethical hacking’ which has sold 25 million copies, that is also untrue. Another claim is that he has hacked into the Al Qaeda network for Mumbai bomb blasts but its again that falls flat too. And many such claims which he has made appears to be false when investigated. His own website has been hacked more than two times in the past. For all the students who are interested in ethical hacking, think twice before joining Ankit Fadia academy and end up paying more than what is needed. Do your research and make an informed decision.

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