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Hackathon by VJTI

Students of VJTI Technovanza in association with Google Developers┬ágroup(GDG), Mumbai and Geeklist took an initiative to raise awareness┬áagainst global warming and climate change by organizing┬áHACKATHON, a┬ácontinuous coding challenge from┬á13th to 14th September 2014. This event┬áwas organized in 47+ cities all around the world simultaneously. The event experienced participation from all around Maharashtra. Many interesting projects were developed during these 2 days by the contestants like Cradle2Grave regarding carbon credits. Others included Greelog which is a forum that links all NGOs which work for climate change with the common man. this forum promotes campaign too. An interesting project was WATT HOURS which is a website that encourages users to save energy thereby saving the earth. It will explain the users better ways to do work and also will show how much they have contributed to energy saving. 3 Android Apps regarding the same have also been developed. The enthusiasm throughout the event was maintained by the speaker Augustine Correa( GDG ) and the judged by Daniel Corroll( Geeklist member). A cube art dipecting Global Warming was also made by students of Technovanza.┬áThe event experienced participation from all around Maharashtra. Many┬áinteresting projects were developed during these 2 days by the contestants. Few of the projects were: Guilt Trip -┬áThis project spoke about how to reduce your carbon footprint with every┬ájourney you make.┬áHere,Developers have created the Android app Guilt Trip, which tracks the┬ámovements of the host using the phoneÔÇÖs internal GPS location┬áservice.┬áIt is then coupled with the mode of travel that they intent to use.┬áThe user is also free to use their phone, the app runs in the┬ábackground during this time. ┬á GreeLog-┬áHere,Developers are connecting the organizations working for Environment change.┬áEvery organization assigns some┬áactivities such as planting a tree or organizing a cleanliness drive in a┬á┬álocality and individuals/environmentalists will execute the task. The tasks done┬áby the individuals will be evaluated by the organization who assigned it and┬á┬áthe individuals will be awarded ‘KARMA’ by them according to the extent of┬áefforts and impact that the individual created in that campaign. Since this┬áalso is a networking platform, organizations looking for volunteers can find┬áthem easily here and even hire them for their organization if they have very┬áhigh KARMA. The platform will also be used to educate individuals about the┬áclimate change issues on a daily basis directly from the back end of the application through videos, pictures documentaries and articles. The blogging┬áplatform is being implemented as a web application primarily but later we┬áwill also be developing an android application for the blogging platform. Watt Hours-┬áWe have created a website showing the impacts┬áof our actions on the todayÔÇÖs world. This helps in┬ácreating public awareness regarding the same. Also we have tried to include our idea giving┬áincentives as and when a user adds his┬áachievement in helping save the planet.

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