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Grab a seat, enter the pit

College junta is vying to be in the mosh pit or even be a seat-filler at award shows. Suhani Singh , gets the inside scoop

College junta is vying to be in the mosh pit or even be a seat-filler at award shows. Suhani Singh , gets the inside scoop.

You don’t get paid a paisa. But that doesn’t matter to the junta who will – literally – do anything to attend a star-studded awards ceremony. They are the ‘fake crowd’, college students who stand in the mosh pit at the MTV Immies and Lycra Style Awards jumping up and down like monkeys.

If cheering lustily is not quite your thing, there’s the option of being a ‘seat-filler’. What’s the deal? Well, we all know that stars are never punctual for any event. So what do the organisers do to ensure that their seats are not taken away? Simple, you make a college kid sit on it.

The perks – you get to see the celebs, witness the show LIVE, go for the post show party and listen to all the gossip from the horse’s mouth – Solid hai! But ‘getting in’ ain’t that easy.

Amrita (name changed) says, “To be in the mosh pit, last year auditions were held at Enigma. You had to dance non-stop until the VJ puts a band around you confirming your selection.” She recalls how once they were made to cheer for Gulshan Grover as he came on to the red carpet. “It’s so rigged.”

Akshay Sharma, MTV tells us that for seat-fillers they “seek smart kids, who wanna enjoy and yet behave themselves when seated next to the celebrities. We don’t want someone palpitating at Mallika Sherawat, you know. They must be excited to see performances and obviously they are not supposed to talk to celebs.” Explaining the selection procedure he says, “There is an interview, plus a small test where you are supposed to know basic facts about the artists performing.” For the moss pit, MTV seeks the noisy sorts, who let their hair loose and freak out.

Saakshi, who has participated both in IMMIES and Lycra says, “You have to laugh at jokes that are not even funny. But you do get to see some amazing reactions. I remember when Yana Gupta, Amrita Arora and Isha Kopikkar were dancing at the IMMIES, Karan Johar’s face was like wide open… ! “

So what are you allowed to do huh? “Create noise, cheer, make it appear like it’s a happening show,” says Pranali. Would they do it again? Abhishekh, who has been in the mosh pit at 2003 MTV IMMIES says “I will do it because I like seeing myself on TV. And besides they give you a cool IMMIES wristband.” They say try everything out in life and watching an exclusive show for free definitely gives some an adrenaline rush.

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