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barbie collector

Got a Barbie in your collection?

Barbie approaches her 55th birthday. Created by Mattel in 1959 and inspired by a fashion doll named Bild Lilli from Germany, these dolls were first introduced at the New York Toy-fair and were an instant success.

Mow more demure than ever, ‘Barbie in India’ has several avatars like the one wearing a wedding outfit, one dressed in gharchola saree representing the state of Gujarat and a gift pack of Barbie and Ken as well!

Barbie failed to find any success in 1995 since blond and fair skinned Barbies were made to sport saris and ghagra cholis. So they decided to change the overall appearance of the doll and altered the doll moulds keeping in mind a typical indian woman’s form figure. They also made the hair black and gave them a Indian skin tone. Soon, these dolls started selling like hot cakes

The Indian market is now slowly introducing a lot more foreign collector dolls that are a common sight at supermarkets abroad.

These dolls, with age, have come to be collector items and sell for almost four times their actual price in the us and uk

Rare ones like the Swapna Sundari barbie released in 1996 are extremely hard to find and doll enthusiasts will pay any sum of money to add them to their collection.

Doll enthusiasts now you can stock up on these dolls, since you never know when they will stop their production, turning them into valuable collector items!

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